Friday, April 29, 2011

Hi Haikus..

Well, it's Friday... Haikus for  Haiku My Heart... but with a sad of our friends...Deborah Gilchrist has moved experience higher realms...

I write the follwoing lines.. with the conviction that whatever happens with God's wish , happens for the better ...God will never let anything happen that will take us to lower realms......

Oh, it really has to be a lot more
May be a better life after life
Else God would never have let
Even a single living entity die..

But the tradition of Haiku My Heart has to continue... with Rebecca being our guiding's mine...may not be a happier one but Moon stays..

Let sky fall, stars spill;
Doesn't matter, I will find Moon
May be a bit smashed..

BY : RS :(


  1. Thank you. We will all miss Deb. Sad news, but you are correct, we carry on. The Moon a little darker without her, but will brighten with her spirit.


  2. I haven't had the privilege of knowing the person of Deborah Gilchrist, may the soul rest in peace, but the lines written by you, make me sure of the goodness in Deborah.

    The Haiku is touching and the poem heartening.


  3. I find such comfort in celebrating the gifts of this life when faced with the grief of losing someone. Celebrating and we do each week with our haiku hearts.
    Sending light and love into all realms...

  4. Ramesh,
    Thank you for your deep empathy and heartfelt words for Deb. She was a light and her presence is still with us. You are a wonderful poet my friend.

  5. Thank you Ramesh.
    yes, no matter what befalls us, no matter the depth of our sorrow at losing Deb's presence, our 'full-bellied sister' moon will continue to rise and Deb's words will continue to bring light to our hearts

  6. dear ramesh,

    the out pouring of acknowledgement for deb is heart filling. thank you for your warm and caring heart.
    your words uplift me and i am grateful.

  7. Wishing love to our fellow haiku maker spirit and family.

  8. A smashed or battered moon is still the moon...ah, yes!

  9. Lovely haiku, and I'm sorry for your loss.