Wednesday, November 30, 2011

My Words - Simple and Straight..

Written for 3WW and Sensational Haiku Wednesday

First 3ww...
Prompts: Mob, Jettison, Behave

My Words - Simple and Straight

My words have always
Behaved pretty nice and well,
Kept themselves simple
Never jettisoned humility
In spite of getting mobbed
By some atrocious thoughts
Of embellishment
Have never played
Against the rule or slipped
They do fear getting caught
And face a long sentence
My words – simple and straight
Say, I'll keep them that way...


Also  Wrtitten for Sensational Haiku Wednesday

Silence of trees
A quieter morning 
Absence of wind


Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Fool's Paradise, that!

Written for One single Impression
Prompt: A Fool's Paradise..

Thanks to Leo for a wonderful prompt..

Since the poem reflects change and hope.. also sharing with
Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 15,

No Fools Paradise, That !

'Thought I had left behind
A portion of myself
Took my perceived popularity for granted
But none missed me
Even my echo refused to respond
Hadn’t I been living in
A self- created fool’s paradise
Ah, realization brought
Me back to reality
Where happiness and joy
Had been scattered around
Waiting for me to pick them all
And I did it, and lo, in that moment
Galaxies stopped whirling
So what if it were for
A billionth of a second
I could see and feel universe applauding
Yes, I could experience
A paradise deep within me
In that one moment of blessing
Thank God it’s real this time
No fool's paradise, that!


A Haiku too...

I often visit
My abode in thoughts, call it
A fool's paradise ..

 RS : )

Friday, November 25, 2011

Oh, Moon Faints..

My Post # 408


Writen for Haiku Heights
Prompt: Light
(Thanks to Vivienne Blake who blogs over at Vivinfrance's Blog. )

Also  shared  with  Haiku My Heart..

Dots of light
With dark  thoughts


Broad day light
Oh, Moon faints..

RS : )

Dew on Glass...

Haiku for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

She's covered
All with  woolens
Dew on glass


Wintery chill
Cold expressions
Warm shoes laugh..


Edited this haiku a little based on the inputs from
Bill of

Lipstic marks
On the goblet's edge
Her empty promise..

RS : )

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When Shallowness Shines...

Written for 3WW..   Misery, Shallow, Hollow..

Hollow claims add  to
Misery, when shallowness
Shines through one's eyes...

RS :)

Monday, November 21, 2011


Specailly Written for Gooseberry Garden...
and  also shared with One Single Impression..  ..

I am thankful for
Not having been given the freedom
To choose my face, God,
I would have been
Tempted to copy that too
Or picked up
Pieces from the best looks
Here and there... 

RS : )

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Haiku for HH and OSI


Written for Haiku Heights
prompt: Urn

Thanks to Nanka of Quills for the prompt

A bronze urn
Filled with water,
My health drink…


Written for OSI
Prompt: Seeking

Thanks to Harshadji for the prompt this week..

Seeking ‘self’
In your expressions
Ego's need..


Also Shared with Postcard from Paradise...

Earth seeks Moon
Shining stars resist
Night walks quiet…

RS : ) 

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Welcome, Winter!

Written for Rebecca's
Haiku My Heart...

Welcome, Winter!

Night’s burnt wood
Flowers freeze
Sun knocks on my door


Adds dry wood
Fire burns intensely
Warm smiles spill..

RS : )

My Haiku for You, Joe..

Love and Light for Our Dear Friend, Spadoman..

A haiku for you
Spadoman; waits your comments
Get up and spread joy..

Sending you all the love and light and good wishes and prayers ... Joe,
through Haiku Our Heart...


Wednesday, November 16, 2011


My post # 401

 Written for 3WW: Vindication, Impetus, Solace

Where I Had Left My Feet..

Your ascent
Vindicates my slide
Don’t take blame
Of pushing me
And giving impetus
To my descent
It will happen anyway
A steady fall
Towards my own
Ground, where
I had left my feet
While opting for wings
Offered by you
May give me solace
Yes, standing and
Walking back on
My own feet slowly
Climbing again
Could be interesting
Ah, this time I won’t
Have to carry
The constant burden
Of your likes and dislikes
Finally, I get my chance
To stand in my own light...

RS : )

Sunday, November 13, 2011





(NOVEMBER 14, 2011  IST 1055 HRS.)

MY 400th POST

Written for OSI- Hourglass


Two years, slipped
Like sand in the hourglass
But the love in the cyberspace
Flowed uninterrupted
As fellow poets and dreamers
Generous with their blessings
Left their footprints
On my page here…

Sunday’s One Single Impression
Encouraged my own expression
Three Words Wednesday
Never left much to play
Friday’s Haiku My Heart
5-7-5 makes one think smart
And then it was a sheer delight
To write haiku for Haiku Heights

Poetry Potluck brought me luck
Ah, this space gave me friends
Who adorned my page with their flags
Fluttering in myriad colours
Fortunately some of us find  
Each other much nearer, as
Good wishes of all push me forward
And I find newer roads ahead...

Bless me with a smile on your face
As I wanna dance with you to celebrate
Second Anniversary of my page
And this 400th “ Thank You” post
Let some love spill here from your heart
In this ever expanding world of thoughts
For me you are a friend, growing and evolving
Undoubtedly “A Lot More Than Ordinary”…..


And a breathing Haiku...

So many footprints
Of loving souls , like flowers
Blooming in my heart... 

RS : )

I Break the Hourglass..

My Post # 399

Written for One single Impression...
Prompt : Hourglass
Thanks to Julie of 365 for this week's prompt, hourglass

I Break the Hourglass..

Slipping sand
In the hourglass
Makes me count moments
Finding it difficult to
Take it any more
I break the hourglass
Splattered grains of sand
Shine as each one of them 
Get stuck on my 'Present'
And then slowly slip down
Melding with the
Fractured ground of the 'Past' 
That slowly keeps emerging
Only to be left behind
And I focus on making
Every moment count...

 RS :)

Tomorrow is my date with 400th on OSI... and Second Anniversary of my Blog.. do join me here and wish me so that I can continue to write and share.....

Friday, November 11, 2011

My Friend or My Obsession

My Post # 398


Missed Hugging Moon

Saw it on the edge
Of terrace, I ran like mad
Yet couldn’t catch it

It had just risen
Above, serene and so quiet
Shining in glory

Once again I had
Missed hugging Moon, my friend
Or my obsession?

RS : )

Also shared with Rebecca's  Haiku My Heart

Colourful Curve That!


Written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart...

Colourful Curve That!!

Moon finds the rainbow
Like a  smile on face of  Earth
Colourful curve that!


Rainbow, a reverse
smile on face of sky, colours
reflecting bad mood..


Rainbow is rainbow
That's it and better too, it
 makes us all smile, wow...

 RS : )

This is my 397th Post...

Countdown begins for 400th post and 2nd Anniversary of ALMTO
Monday the 14th November, 2011
Do plan a visit..positively..

Thursday, November 10, 2011

My Presence Scares..

Written for OSI: Birdie (second)

My Presence Scares..

Birdie wants to grab
Grains of wheat I offer, yet,
 My presence scares ...

RS :)

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hastened to Age Before Time..

Written for Three Words Wednesday... Drank, Hitch, Muster.

Hastened to Age Before Time....

Mustered courage,
Drank a quickie, no hitch, makes
A grand beginning

Friends applaud cheerily
As he throws a few more pegs
Down his craving throat

Announces quietly
A daring arrival to
His Delighted friends

A teenager has
Hastened to age before time 
Unknowingly so!

RS : )

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Sings a Little Birdie..

thanks to Kaykuala of Rainbow for the prompt..

Sings a Little Birdie..

A little birdie
Comes in my window and sings
Morning’s happy songs

Morning’s happy songs
I try to sing along but
Birdie sings better

Birdie sings better
Seldom misses any notes
A real talent that

 A real talent that
And if it’s not there someday
I imagine it.

I imagine it
And hear the same melody
Soothing to my soul

Soothing to my soul
comes in my window and sings
A little birdie..

RS : )

Saturday, November 5, 2011


Written for Haiku Heights....
Thanks to Priyanka Bhowmik of Lens and Verse
for mystery prompt...

An endless array
Of stars, mystery shines in
Splendidly lit skies..

Removed  haiku
 I originally wrote 
Some mystery this.. 
Elephant and ant
Where have they gone, anyone..
Mystery prevails.

RS : )

Friday, November 4, 2011

I Pluck A Flower..

Written for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

I pluck a flower,
Earth is sad; for, I steal a
Bit of her beauty...


As I walk, Moon too
Moves along; makes me walk with
My head lifted up...

RS : )

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Haiku for 3WW

No more fear of jerks,
Whose punctured egos could
Wreak carnage, kill dreams...

Wreak Carnage, kill dreams...
God let me dream fresh and new
Wiping out the past..

RS : )


No More Fear of Jerks..

Written for 3WW prompts : Carnage, Jerk, Puncture..

No More Fear of Jerks..

“Hey don’t let my ego
Get punctured ever, protect it
Else, you won’t be able
To see my bruised ego
Going on a rampage
Wreaking a Carnage 
Killing your dreams …,”
The voice trailed off..
I suddenly found myself
Waking up as I felt
A kind of jerk to my body
Ah, heap of my dead dreams
What  would it look like
Oh, didn’t he talk about
Dreams which revolved around him
And that’s when I realised that
I could pick-up bundles of
Brand new ones
Unaffected by his colossal
Presence wherever
The thought made me feel at peace
And I quietly went back to sleep…


RS : )