Sunday, November 13, 2011

I Break the Hourglass..

My Post # 399

Written for One single Impression...
Prompt : Hourglass
Thanks to Julie of 365 for this week's prompt, hourglass

I Break the Hourglass..

Slipping sand
In the hourglass
Makes me count moments
Finding it difficult to
Take it any more
I break the hourglass
Splattered grains of sand
Shine as each one of them 
Get stuck on my 'Present'
And then slowly slip down
Melding with the
Fractured ground of the 'Past' 
That slowly keeps emerging
Only to be left behind
And I focus on making
Every moment count...

 RS :)

Tomorrow is my date with 400th on OSI... and Second Anniversary of my Blog.. do join me here and wish me so that I can continue to write and share.....


  1. that is right,make every moment count.

    Congrats and all the best ~

    Continue to write and share your beautiful words with us ~

    All the best ~

  2. congratulations ....very beautiful words!!

  3. Congratulations! So well done.

    Yes, each moment counts. Very meaningful post.

  4. Happy anniversary!

    Your poem is marvelous. Thank you for sharing it with OSI.

  5. Nicely done, Ramesh. I have never worried about a broken hour glass. Do you think that breaking one brings seven years of bad luck?

  6. This is truly beautiful! Yet another very unexpected hourglass take... Hmmm... I might have to write another poem because of this! :)

  7. Making every moment count is a very good plan! When we do that, time no longer matters.

  8. remarkable joinery behind.

    lovely expression,
    Bless your day.

  9. Congrats on your blog anniversary.
    Nice poem.