Wednesday, November 23, 2011

When Shallowness Shines...

Written for 3WW..   Misery, Shallow, Hollow..

Hollow claims add  to
Misery, when shallowness
Shines through one's eyes...

RS :)


  1. Hollow mist can certainly drain the life from inside..make your eyes glaze..Jae

  2. Shallowness is as bad as lying and, usually that person loses friends as fast as they make them.
    We can try to deceive others but usually people with insight see through the deception very quickly.
    Nicely said!

  3. That sums up the best, hollow and shallow go together.

  4. The hollow boast
    the misery
    the shallow eyed beast

  5. Thought provoking :) I am honored with your visit my friend. And am thankful for our continued friendship across the world. Big hug. And many warm wishes sent your way.

  6. This is beautiful and true Ramesh, thanks for sharing with us.

  7. You say a lot, in a very short space...

  8. Thank you...
    enjoyed this very much.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine

  9. A few words that say so much. Well done.

  10. This reads like a general observation, Ramesh, and it's as such that others have commented on it ("very true," etc.) It obviously pleases your readers, which is a good thing to do. Traditionally, though, haiku avoids such generalization, focusing instead on the moment, usually rendered in concrete, imagistic terms.

  11. Thanks Bill... I understand... it's only that I have been writing pretty long poems and thought if I could learn to say in restricted words it could be a lot better.. so I started writing in 5-7-5 format.. knowing that it may not be the purest of haiku.. I borrowed the structure.. yes, should avoid calling it a haiku..

    I am thankful to you for your observation.