Sunday, November 27, 2011

No Fool's Paradise, that!

Written for One single Impression
Prompt: A Fool's Paradise..

Thanks to Leo for a wonderful prompt..

Since the poem reflects change and hope.. also sharing with
Jingle Poetry at The Gooseberry Garden Poetry Picnic Week 15,

No Fools Paradise, That !

'Thought I had left behind
A portion of myself
Took my perceived popularity for granted
But none missed me
Even my echo refused to respond
Hadn’t I been living in
A self- created fool’s paradise
Ah, realization brought
Me back to reality
Where happiness and joy
Had been scattered around
Waiting for me to pick them all
And I did it, and lo, in that moment
Galaxies stopped whirling
So what if it were for
A billionth of a second
I could see and feel universe applauding
Yes, I could experience
A paradise deep within me
In that one moment of blessing
Thank God it’s real this time
No fool's paradise, that!


A Haiku too...

I often visit
My abode in thoughts, call it
A fool's paradise ..

 RS : )


  1. What a wonderfull poem Ramesh. So touchy and full of spirituality.

  2. So many don't reach that enlightenment. When they do, it is magical and transforming.
    Great words.

  3. so beautiful ramesh...come share it with postcards from paradise. so perfect is the paradise within!

  4. Sometimes we need to visit our own paradise's no matter how foolish they are. A lovely poem here!

  5. Your putting experience into poetic language makes it even more powerful.
    I could sense the journey

  6. I'm glad Rebecca suggested you send this to Postcards from Paradise. Your poem really strikes me deeply; I wish I had written it and I'm glad you did and shared it.

  7. yes yes
    what she said...

    xox - eb.

  8. Hi RS;

    Thanks for gracing my blog anniversary through your encouraging comments. I just feel sad I am not a regular in your blog...:(

    Thank you really.

    I am happy reading you again this time...The poem is a fool's paradise because we are happy with the paradise we try to create inside us...:)

    Come next year RS...I wish you will do a guest post too...isn't it too early? By God's grace that we are still around blogosphere.

    Have a happy week ahead!

  9. Beautiful poem. We all carry within us a paradise, it all depends if losabemos find and watch.

  10. Terrific write, Ramesh. The reaching of a point in time well described.

  11. Ramesh, I hope my comments have been helpful. You're on your way. Only you can decide if you want to follow the path of haiku, which demands an openness and humility before nature and her works.

  12. you are indeed the Haiku king, I loved it best :)
    my entry:

  13. Well-knitted journey!! Thank you for sharing ~~

  14. Glad it had a happy ending! A very enjoyable read. Thanks for sharing :)

  15. Thanks Bill, as I have responded on each of the post... I think it was intense desire to learn that lead me to a wonderful teacher.. your lessons would be extremely helpful.. expressing thoughts in a structure could be an interesting way of putting things... but then calling it a pure haiku may not be...will tkae care and as promised ..will continue the journey... Thanks Bill!

  16. Hi RS;

    Included you now in my fellow dreamer's list...:)

    Thanks for reminding :)

  17. Nice- I loved the line "Even my echo refused to respond" It's easy to get so caught up in ourselfves at time isn't it?

  18. great message, delivered in a
    straight-forward poem.