Wednesday, November 2, 2011

No More Fear of Jerks..

Written for 3WW prompts : Carnage, Jerk, Puncture..

No More Fear of Jerks..

“Hey don’t let my ego
Get punctured ever, protect it
Else, you won’t be able
To see my bruised ego
Going on a rampage
Wreaking a Carnage 
Killing your dreams …,”
The voice trailed off..
I suddenly found myself
Waking up as I felt
A kind of jerk to my body
Ah, heap of my dead dreams
What  would it look like
Oh, didn’t he talk about
Dreams which revolved around him
And that’s when I realised that
I could pick-up bundles of
Brand new ones
Unaffected by his colossal
Presence wherever
The thought made me feel at peace
And I quietly went back to sleep…


RS : )


  1. 'bundles of new dreams'..I love that thought..the most important packages we can bear..Jae

  2. Changing the dream always important when nightmares call.

  3. What an interesting way to use the word "carnage". "Killing you dreams..." Well done.

  4. This is so beautifully expressed.
    I often have to 'kill' a bad dream, then try and find a better one in renewed sleep.

  5. Ramesh, you have spoken for so many of us, who have let others with big
    egos, take up too much of our thoughts.

    thank you


  6. Very meaningful and well told RS!! The poem here opens with a big bang to jerk anyone out of their reverie!! Like the peaceful end!!
    "I could pick-up bundles of
    Brand new ones"
    is very reassuring!!