Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pearl of Water... Tau-Ku Challenge OSI

Written for OSI Tau - Ku Challenge.... very challenging this!!!  Here's my entry..

Closes her eyes to feel
Rain drops
On her face, pearls of water roll...

RS  : )

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

What a Spectacle!!! ..... 3WW

Written for 3WW... Transfixed, Bump,  Knuckles


A miniature Moon
Peeped out of the clouds
Moonbeam hit her face
She smiled as her fingers
Nudged a strand of hair
Falling on her face
He stood watching
What a spectacle
Without winking his eye
He walked towards her
Didn’t notice a bump
Ahead of him
Fell on his knuckles, Ouch!
She gazed at him
Turned her face
And moved away hurriedly....
End of scene one
I don’t know
Will it still be interesting
If we replace ‘He’ with ‘She’
And ‘She’ with ‘He’
Hey, what do you say, tell me....

By : RS   : )


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Raining... Haiku...

Many years ago,  I  saw a paper boat released in the flowing water by a child and the boat perished with the wait of a few raindrops... just putting that feeling here today..

I see my childhood
Riding a paper boat, and
Perishing with it..

By   RS  : (         


And here's finding Happiness too..

Pure white winged doves
Soar along with floating clouds
Sing songs of rain..

By:  RS  : )

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let Soul Not See Sins.. Haiku Heights and OSI

Written for Hiaku Heights... Quench and OSI:  Seven Sins
A Haiku, Four Liner and A Poem too.. take your pick..

First .. a Haiku

Thirst for more and more
Quenching needs blurred vision
Hide sins from soul's eye..

For OSI... a verse in four lines..

Between Mind and Soul
I never let my Soul win
Heart knows it all
It’s indeed a bigger sin…

And now, well,  a poem for OSI....

Ah, That May Give Me All the Light....

Seven deadly sins..
Yes, I had heard of them
Pride, Avarice, Envy, Wrath
Lust, Gluttony, Sloth
And also learnt about
The opposite virtues
But then lived
Just like most of us
Letting Sins and Virtues
Both rub my spirit
At times, one of the Sins
Would be heavy and at others
Virtue will take over..
And this shifting ways
Never let the distant between
My mind and soul reduce..
Soul stayed quite far away
And I too just lived without
Intensely trying to reduce
This distance between them
To let mind be guided by soul..
But miserably failed
To meet the basic purpose
Of this just one life
Eighth Sin, that!!!
But then hopefully I still
Have my chance
These words appear to have come
Through a Mind willing to
Be guided by my soul, true
Aren’t they finally getting acquainted
God, help them to unite,
Ah, that may give me all the light..

By: RS : )

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Hi, Haiku Family... for HMH Friday..

For Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

A tired Moon smiles
And says, “Bye, have a good day!’
Earth watches Sun rise..


Sun rises, hopes to make
Earth blush with a soft subtle touch
Sharp beams pierce clouds ...

Dew drops shine, petal
Of rose quivers, oh, sees a
Sunbeam approach it...


Independent we
Yet linked with each other
Haiku family...

One year of Happy Haikus..... thanks Rebecca.. I have enjoyed week after week...   RS  : )

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Written for  3WW... Omit, Gag, Maintain..

First keeping with my love.......a Haiku..

God’ s gag order
Maintain cool, omit anger
Soon, good shall come too..

So Near Yet So Far...

I wanted to shout
None had gagged me
Yet I couldn’t
Voice appeared to have
Become absolutely silent
On its own without
Any warning to me
It was all darkness
I could see some more
Shadows lingering about
Maintaining quietness
Breathing could not be omitted
So that was the only sound
And I could also hear
A heart beating
At a little distance
Eyes were getting focused
Ah, I could see the silhouette
Of shapes from my past
The little me was sitting
Next to the adolescent me
Adult me of about ten years ago
Too had his eyes fixed
On nothing, blankness surrounded
I was yet to enter their space
It was funny, the little me glowed,
Adolescence had its own sparkle
Adult’s shine had dimmed a lot
I wondered about
My own reflection today…
Having lost my glow,
Sparkle and shine
I was trying to regain
My ‘self’ by making
Intense efforts,
Right from getting
In touch with the morning
Chit chatting with nature
Saying hello to a rising sun
Talking to swaying trees
Listening to angelic talk of
The winds coming from heavens
Sitting in peace with
The setting Sun
Waiting for the Moon
And the stars to
Peep through
The curtain of clouds
Along with being good
To my fellow beings
The intensity of purpose
Had finally made God
Pull me in my own inner space
Where he too appeared 
To have been residing
For that’s where I would
Get all the light
And meet my own ‘Self’
A renewed and a happier one
I am excited and waiting
So near yet so far...

By RS  : )

Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorrow..... for JPP

Written specially for JPP....

Hey, your laughter, so pure, can I borrow
Must be having  its  roots  deep in sorrow..


And a Haiku...

There are moments when
I feel sad, that’s how I know
When I am happy...

By: RS :) 

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Haiku for Haiku Heights and OSI...

My second post for OSI:  Wind  and
first for Haiku Heights : Blind..

Strong wind carries dust
Makes me close my eyes, ah,
Feels softer on skin..

BY: RS  : )

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Tasty Stories Flow....

Haikus for OSI Prompt... WIND  ..thanks to Dani for the prompt...
Also placed in Rebecca's Haiku My Heart..

Tree full of fruits, shares
Juicy tales with the winds, and
Tasty stories flow…


A strong gush of wind
Strands of her hair fall on face
Moon behind clouds..

by   RS  : )

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Haikus...

Haikus for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart...Friday..

A moment of heat
Burns the present, sparks fly and
Future gets darker..


Teary eyes, world
Looks all blurred, emotions
Make it look real...

By:  RS

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Lets My Thoughts Run Wild...

Written for 3WW.... Prefer, Grip, Thread.

Moon Lets My Thoughts Run Wild...

Moon hangs on a thread
Weaved with my thoughts
Sky too prefers to loosen the grip
What else can it do
My thoughts can make
Moon dangle which ever way
Just Like a pendulum
And reduce it to size of my eyeball
And hide it there placing
Like a transparent lens
And then wrap-up the sky
Folding it like a news paper
Along with all the glittering stars
Placing it in a box of imagination
And tying it up with a rainbow
Hiding it  in my own inner-space
But then how would the Sun rise
Without a sky… in the morning
Yes, something to worry about
Well, it’s very simple
Let Moon continue to 
Offer light brightening the black holes
Of discontent and unhappiness
Which tend to get formed
Swallowing my happier
And joyous moments…
Yes, it’s better to let Moon
Hang in there in the grip of skies
That would be truly appropriate
Well, here it is snip, snip,
I cut the thread of my thoughts
And  thank Moon to let
My thoughts run wild always…


Well, Here's the Haiku ...can't do without it..

Don't tighten the grip
Life  hangs on thread of moments
Prefers a soft touch..

By:  RS : )

Monday, June 13, 2011

Doesn't Matter, Man, I'm the Boss... for JPP..

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck... a couple of four-liners..

Doesn't Matter......

Whichever way the coin may fall
It's me who will always win the toss
Doesn't matter if it's 'Head' or 'Tail'
Hey, remember this - I'm the BOSS..


Hey, Boss is a reality
One can't do away
Either accept and adjust
Or quietly move away


Managing Boss, Moon's way..

Moon doesn't shine in the day
When it's  his Boss Sun's turn
Sun too gives light in the night,
Soothes, doesn't let it burn..

Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breathing Purity of a Glorious Morning...

The poem for OSI follows with a Haiku for OSI and Haiku Heights..

Thank You,  Harshadji,  for  'Miss ( Long for) " OSI Prompt # 172

Breathing Purity of A Glorious Morning... 

A footpath of concrete
Under my feet
As I take my morning walk
Eyes look above but can’t find
A clear blue sky
Dotted by pieces of cotton clouds
My heart feels bad
As it knows, that
It wouldn’t need its wings
To fly and shake hands
With the rising Sun
Because it won’t be able to
Get through the maze of high rises
No more can it see
Sun lifting its head
From behind a wall of stones
And no more can it
Listen to birds singing
Their welcome song in unison
And cherish a cool breeze
Nudging flowers to
Make them swing in joy
A bit of philosopher
And poet in me can say
“ No, I don’t miss it
For, a beautiful picture
Of the morning and the sunrise
Is painted on the walls
Of my mind with indelible paints
Which can’t be wiped out
Even by the hands of time
And I can enjoy the feel
Whenever I choose to...”
It may be right in its spirit
But then let me for once be real
And make a confession
Yes, I do miss, the bliss
That I experienced everyday
When I lived away from high-rises
In the rustic settings of nature
When I would watch
the rising sun, who in turn
Would be a witness to my quiet meetings
With God in the serene environs
As I would sit under a large tree
Breathing purity
Of a glorious morning
Yes, indeed I miss it ....

Thanks to Ananya for Haiku Heights Prompt: Slavery

Very hard to handle
Freedom, weaker  begins to
Miss days of slavery..

By .. RS  : )

Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi ... Haikus.. for Haiku My Heart..

It's Friday - for Rebecca's haiku My Heart... for spreading joy and happiness... well , here're my HAIKUs for this week...

Practice happiness
I tell my self; and  lo,  heart
Sees thorns smile with rose..


I keep asking Moon
Hey come to Earth, and he says
"May be, in next birth.."

( This I have written based on a four-liner verse in my book - A Little More Than Ordinary)


Butterfly and rose
Look at each other and pause
Lo, world too stands still...

By   RS  : )

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When I Will Always Feel At Home...

Written for 3WW... Fond, Alter, Tranquil...

First  a Haiku..

I’m fond of watching
Smiling Moon; alters my mood,
Tranquil mind feels nice....

When I Will Always Feel At Home....

Tranquil ambience
Fond of noise, how I wish
My mind to alter
And  taste the silence..
A time may come
When I will always feel at home

By RS  : )

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vanishing Greens.....

Thanks Teri, for the prompt...this word in fact defines many a life...on this planet and perhaps the life of planet too...

Haiku for OSI Prompt: Endure

Vanishing greens, Man
Adds fuel to Sun’s fury
Earth says, “I’ll endure.”


Late addition for Haiku Heights : Porcelain... along with OSI: Endure

Magnificent , rare
Collection of porcelain
Endures her absence..

By: RS

She Became Light....

3WW.......Omen, Erratic, Luminous   and also for all the friends at Haiku My Heart...

Erratic  breathing
Bad omen , but she left for
More luminous world...

RS    :(

My sister left her body behind which was consigned to the glowing flames of  Goddess fire and ashes immersed in  pious and reverred rivers..  Sincere and warm thanks to all the friends in this space who prayed for her...

Yes, she merged with light...became light...

RS    :(