Thursday, June 30, 2011

Pearl of Water... Tau-Ku Challenge OSI

Written for OSI Tau - Ku Challenge.... very challenging this!!!  Here's my entry..

Closes her eyes to feel
Rain drops
On her face, pearls of water roll...

RS  : )


  1. Wonderful, love this! Well done Ramesh. It was a fun challenge I thought, I plan to write more of these poems soon.

    Happy weekend, G :<)

  2. Hi, Ramesh. I genuinely enjoyed your tau-ku. It's like she has closed herself from the world to be with herself, to confront her emotions -- something I must do myself one of these days.

    I enjoyed reading it. :)

  3. Could feel drops rolling down!

    Just beautiful.

  4. It is in the stillness that these deep connections are made. I could feel the release!