Monday, June 13, 2011

Doesn't Matter, Man, I'm the Boss... for JPP..

Written for Jingle's Poetry Potluck... a couple of four-liners..

Doesn't Matter......

Whichever way the coin may fall
It's me who will always win the toss
Doesn't matter if it's 'Head' or 'Tail'
Hey, remember this - I'm the BOSS..


Hey, Boss is a reality
One can't do away
Either accept and adjust
Or quietly move away


Managing Boss, Moon's way..

Moon doesn't shine in the day
When it's  his Boss Sun's turn
Sun too gives light in the night,
Soothes, doesn't let it burn..


  1. A different taste... light... we have all had and are still having or going to have our share of them ... and all of us do have another boss... a milder, lovelier, softer though more powerful version.... the One and Only.. Almighty :)

    Enjoyed reading sir :)


  2. Sun and Moon, waiting their if we could just take the ego away..let everyone have a've said a lot!!

  3. love all three.

    agree with 2nd one, either accept or move away.

    Thanks for the contribution.

  4. wowow!

    These are beautiful words.. and very true!

    I hate the "rigidity" of either accept or move away.. well, if all leaves who will he boss around upon?

    Hugs xox

  5. you have such a soothing way of stating even the hard facts, Rameshji.. and I soooo admire this quality of your! I mean, I can just IMAGINE the version of your 4-liners that most of us might be thinking of, when it comes to our bosses.. and trust me.. they are NOT half as kind as the words you have described them in.. hehhehe

    REALLY LOVED the way you have shared this sentiment, my dear friend... you are truly gifted!!

    (many hugs)

  6. Each of these contains refreshing words of wisdom: Our attitude shapes whether we are victim or not; walk away rather than stay and grumble or be quiet and grateful; and the third one delightfully shows that all things have their time and their place and fighting nature is as silly as beating yourself up. What sweet and wise words!!

  7. I actually wrote an entry on the dynamics between sun and moon in one of my entries. Very interesting take