Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Haikus...

Haikus for Rebecca's Haiku My Heart...Friday..

A moment of heat
Burns the present, sparks fly and
Future gets darker..


Teary eyes, world
Looks all blurred, emotions
Make it look real...

By:  RS


  1. Each of these can create so many thoughts about so many situations. Good and bad situations. I hope yours are not bad.
    You do a great job with words and make it possible to read between the lines for our own meaning.


  2. Spadoman very succinctly put my thoughts into words as I read your haiku today. I know you lost your sister recently and I can feel the grief still underlying your words. I am thinking of you.

  3. Emotions do make the world real my friend, regardless of the tears that blur our vision. True emotion, whether it be strong grief, deep sadness or pure elation opens the heart to new possibilities. What was locked down becomes freed when the tears flow. What was protected becomes vulnerable and accessible to the caring hearts of friends. Thank you for these amazing haikus with their depth of emotion.

  4. Noelle said it perfectly. I wish for your heart: healing.

  5. Again two heartbreaking beautiful and true haikus... thank you.

  6. dear ramesh,

    thank you for being here, expressing your heart so intimately as you navigate life with the loss of your beloved sister.

    i trust in my heart you will be writing of your love of the moon and stars again...i suspect the very light of them will hold new significance.

    ever present is the light of love. i see you completely surrounded in hers.


  7. So true sir, the first one entails the words of wisdom... but it becomes so difficult to remember these words when anger takes over or for that matter any emotion.....

    And the second one really.... beautiful... :)