Tuesday, June 28, 2011

It's Raining... Haiku...

Many years ago,  I  saw a paper boat released in the flowing water by a child and the boat perished with the wait of a few raindrops... just putting that feeling here today..

I see my childhood
Riding a paper boat, and
Perishing with it..

By   RS  : (         


And here's finding Happiness too..

Pure white winged doves
Soar along with floating clouds
Sing songs of rain..

By:  RS  : )


  1. so pensive and thought filled.
    thank you for the winged doves and the promise of rain.

  2. I could easily relate to the first one. And I do see my childhood in memories... the way we find paper boats soiled, stuck in mud by the road side after the rain waters have drained out... :(

    But yes the memories do bring a smile to my face, just as the soiled paper boats that remind me of the last rain :)

    Rain itself is happiness to me... it's like God Himself coming down to meet us, caress us.

    Loved the articles sir.


  3. Thanks for the extra haiku's, so pure and strong!

  4. What beautiful imagery! Thank you! Cathy

  5. I enjoyed your haikus today, lot's of meaning in a few simple words.

  6. Once again, Ramesh, sorrow redeemed. What a wonderful way to live life. And always the incredible images.