Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Written for  3WW... Omit, Gag, Maintain..

First keeping with my love.......a Haiku..

God’ s gag order
Maintain cool, omit anger
Soon, good shall come too..

So Near Yet So Far...

I wanted to shout
None had gagged me
Yet I couldn’t
Voice appeared to have
Become absolutely silent
On its own without
Any warning to me
It was all darkness
I could see some more
Shadows lingering about
Maintaining quietness
Breathing could not be omitted
So that was the only sound
And I could also hear
A heart beating
At a little distance
Eyes were getting focused
Ah, I could see the silhouette
Of shapes from my past
The little me was sitting
Next to the adolescent me
Adult me of about ten years ago
Too had his eyes fixed
On nothing, blankness surrounded
I was yet to enter their space
It was funny, the little me glowed,
Adolescence had its own sparkle
Adult’s shine had dimmed a lot
I wondered about
My own reflection today…
Having lost my glow,
Sparkle and shine
I was trying to regain
My ‘self’ by making
Intense efforts,
Right from getting
In touch with the morning
Chit chatting with nature
Saying hello to a rising sun
Talking to swaying trees
Listening to angelic talk of
The winds coming from heavens
Sitting in peace with
The setting Sun
Waiting for the Moon
And the stars to
Peep through
The curtain of clouds
Along with being good
To my fellow beings
The intensity of purpose
Had finally made God
Pull me in my own inner space
Where he too appeared 
To have been residing
For that’s where I would
Get all the light
And meet my own ‘Self’
A renewed and a happier one
I am excited and waiting
So near yet so far...

By RS  : )


  1. 'the little me glowed' ..and still does..not least in your words..they always bring something good..Jae

  2. Beautiful words."And meet my own ‘Self’
    A renewed and a happier one"like the description of God's words as well.

  3. God's gag order is a bit of brilliance! Compact wisdom.

  4. Thanks for your contributions this week--they both meant a lot to me. These lines were especially meaningful: "I wondered about / My own reflection today...". Powerful lines!

  5. Fantastic haiku. I am in the process of reconnecting with myself I feel I could use some revitalizing.

  6. I pray sir that you get nearer to that "You" free of all burdens on soul, where you can feel yourself moving as spontaneously as the trees sway in the winds, as confident as the sun, as calm as the moonlight, as cool and rejuvenating for the people around as the morning itself.

    Where you would not have to be conscious of the gag order. Where you can be the "You" you want to be, unconsciously.

  7. "... i am excited and waiting.." the best part of a forever life..

  8. I loved Thumper's mom's advice (ref. Bambi)...If you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all! nice job on are very talented, Ramesh