Saturday, June 4, 2011

Vanishing Greens.....

Thanks Teri, for the prompt...this word in fact defines many a life...on this planet and perhaps the life of planet too...

Haiku for OSI Prompt: Endure

Vanishing greens, Man
Adds fuel to Sun’s fury
Earth says, “I’ll endure.”


Late addition for Haiku Heights : Porcelain... along with OSI: Endure

Magnificent , rare
Collection of porcelain
Endures her absence..

By: RS


  1. Tis a sad situation Ramesh!
    But Man, it is his own doing
    and he has to suffer!
    But how long should earth endure and
    man should suffer the fury?

    Short but very thoughtful thought!
    The message is reverberating so loudly tellin us to do something now to save mother earth from further destruction!

    I am at wordpress now:

  2. And I certainly hope it does. Great green message.

  3. At least more people are hearing the green message but not enough - especially businesses - are doing something abpout it!

  4. How long will it? Thanks to put in words for a threat taken lightly.

  5. Stimulating post, especially to one who always eats his greens....
    I have no doubt that Earth will endure, with or without humans. Perhaps the real question is, Will humans endure? I suspect that the answer to that is "Probably".

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  6. Stunning, the last line of porcelain haiku really rips at the heart

  7. sometimes I wonder, how much earth will endure ...
    beautiful Haiku
    the porcelain one is so touching. brilliant

  8. I am really afraid of the future.. forests cut down and farm lands being sold.. for concrete structures.. so how much will earth endure..
    nice thought provoking write up..

  9. What power in these lines... I enjoyed your message and the beautiful way you present it!

  10. Very timely message - Nicely done!

  11. It has been so hot here in Alabama-- several days where we hit 100 F and not even summer yet. The sky is hazy and white hot-- the earth will look very different if we don't get this under control.

  12. but for how long? Thought provoking haiku.

  13. You have described a sad situation very beautifully.

  14. The first haiku is a great message for World Environment Day!

  15. Hasn't it been man's innate nature to ever burden the one who is ready to take all...till the breaking point and then wonder what happened when it blows up .. and then to blame everyone except his own insensibility towards the one who took all.

    Not only the rare collection of porcelain but a rare gathering of beautiful traits, embossed in a soft heart also endures her absence, though more beautifully....

    Sir, I respect you even more now as your write up tells me how close is the pen to your heart. You seek it out in happiness and the deepest sorrow... like we turn to our best friend or Ma. I feel humbled to be able to be a witness to these beautiful feelings.


  16. vainishing greens...great msg....and succintly put across!

  17. A thought provoking beautiful write up...

  18. Your OSI left me speechless, spot on to be sure!