Friday, June 10, 2011

Hi ... Haikus.. for Haiku My Heart..

It's Friday - for Rebecca's haiku My Heart... for spreading joy and happiness... well , here're my HAIKUs for this week...

Practice happiness
I tell my self; and  lo,  heart
Sees thorns smile with rose..


I keep asking Moon
Hey come to Earth, and he says
"May be, in next birth.."

( This I have written based on a four-liner verse in my book - A Little More Than Ordinary)


Butterfly and rose
Look at each other and pause
Lo, world too stands still...

By   RS  : )


  1. The moon haiku really speaks to me Ramesh! I only think that the moon is female... do you see it as male? Never mind, the haiku is fabulous either way!

  2. I'm with Marit ... the moon speaks to me, too. Perhaps because my moon is in the moon ruled Cancer?!!! I love looking at the moon.

  3. Oh my how your 1st haiku touched me. So very beautiful!! Cathy

  4. Your joyous haiku help me practice happiness! Thank you for that.
    Happy Friday !

  5. ramesh your heart for seeking joy in the natural world is intoxicating.
    your love brings the moon closer, you offer us armfuls of roses, and remind even butterflies to stop and treasure the moment!

  6. "Isn't happiness a given?" she asked.

    "No," said the poet, "you must practice it."

    "But it's so hard," she replied.

    "With practice, your happiness becomes perfect."

  7. Your last Haiku is darling I just love it! They are all wonderful bu that last did it for me!

  8. How are you my dear friend. You offer such sweetness with your Rose and butterfly trysts and meditations on happiness despite the thorns on life's roses. You are a true teacher to us all. I have been thinking of you and wishing you well, hoping that you are finding hope, solace and love each day.

  9. These are very beautiful. Thanks.

    All the best, Boonie

  10. Alas, I see the thorns with the roses, too, in my determination to be happy. The moon fares better with me: I see myself gong to the moon or perhaps old friends far away reflected in it. And then, the butterfly and rose connect with the same passion! Beautiful trio, Ramesh.

  11. Beautiful... and really soothing... it really does, what you had once told me, that a write up should do.

    Really feeling happy sir... and light too....