Saturday, June 11, 2011

Breathing Purity of a Glorious Morning...

The poem for OSI follows with a Haiku for OSI and Haiku Heights..

Thank You,  Harshadji,  for  'Miss ( Long for) " OSI Prompt # 172

Breathing Purity of A Glorious Morning... 

A footpath of concrete
Under my feet
As I take my morning walk
Eyes look above but can’t find
A clear blue sky
Dotted by pieces of cotton clouds
My heart feels bad
As it knows, that
It wouldn’t need its wings
To fly and shake hands
With the rising Sun
Because it won’t be able to
Get through the maze of high rises
No more can it see
Sun lifting its head
From behind a wall of stones
And no more can it
Listen to birds singing
Their welcome song in unison
And cherish a cool breeze
Nudging flowers to
Make them swing in joy
A bit of philosopher
And poet in me can say
“ No, I don’t miss it
For, a beautiful picture
Of the morning and the sunrise
Is painted on the walls
Of my mind with indelible paints
Which can’t be wiped out
Even by the hands of time
And I can enjoy the feel
Whenever I choose to...”
It may be right in its spirit
But then let me for once be real
And make a confession
Yes, I do miss, the bliss
That I experienced everyday
When I lived away from high-rises
In the rustic settings of nature
When I would watch
the rising sun, who in turn
Would be a witness to my quiet meetings
With God in the serene environs
As I would sit under a large tree
Breathing purity
Of a glorious morning
Yes, indeed I miss it ....

Thanks to Ananya for Haiku Heights Prompt: Slavery

Very hard to handle
Freedom, weaker  begins to
Miss days of slavery..

By .. RS  : )


  1. I miss the mountains and the pristine beauty of being in nature as well living in the city really makes you feel disconnected. Excellent haiku so true =)

  2. Woww!! Sooo Beautiful Fantastic Write Up!

  3. Hello Ramesh, how are you?
    You have captured beautifully city/urban living...buildings are indeed getting taller & appearing as if by magic. At least you have the memories in your heart, which as you say cannot be wiped out by time.

    Wonderful as always.
    Thank you for sharing.

  4. You paint such a complete word picture here. Thanks for sharing.

    Have a good week, Boonie

  5. Yes, one does miss nature in city life. This poem touch bring out those moments.

    Haiku is so true! Freedom brings with it responsibility. Not a weak can take it.

  6. Very nice, Ramesh. I can think the scene 'painted' on the wall but I can't see it.

    I am not able to visualize. Meaning I can't count sheep to go to sleep because there are never any sheep to count.

  7. very well fine tuned Haiku.

  8. Nicely knitted together!

  9. From a poignant scenario to a hopeful moment...:) I love the transformation that you went through...Life is like that...we get tired of situations and would crave for the simple life we once with all the modernity in it becomes vague because we seem to be pressured and stressed out unknowingly!

    Why not go out, enjoy the cool breeze under the canopy of big trees?

    Very well said Ramesh! :)

  10. Wow awesome,Ramesh. Wrapped up so beautifully!

  11. nice take on the urban jungle that we have now become enmeshed in! enjoyed the haiku too...its a sad fact, in so many countries, or even with people, the weaker ones are unable withstand the chaos that comes from freedom, and pine once again to remain with the confines of 'slavery"...of whichever kind...coz that is what they know, and can deal with.

  12. Your Haiku is awesome.
    The miss is lovely too...

  13. Loved your Haiku for HH! Your OSI was amazing!So sad, I have lived in the same town all my life (in the foothills of Calif) and have been witness to this transition, if my heart and eyes could speak they said exactly this!

  14. Very beautifully crafted,the mood is so well captured.
    Great work.