Saturday, June 25, 2011

Let Soul Not See Sins.. Haiku Heights and OSI

Written for Hiaku Heights... Quench and OSI:  Seven Sins
A Haiku, Four Liner and A Poem too.. take your pick..

First .. a Haiku

Thirst for more and more
Quenching needs blurred vision
Hide sins from soul's eye..

For OSI... a verse in four lines..

Between Mind and Soul
I never let my Soul win
Heart knows it all
It’s indeed a bigger sin…

And now, well,  a poem for OSI....

Ah, That May Give Me All the Light....

Seven deadly sins..
Yes, I had heard of them
Pride, Avarice, Envy, Wrath
Lust, Gluttony, Sloth
And also learnt about
The opposite virtues
But then lived
Just like most of us
Letting Sins and Virtues
Both rub my spirit
At times, one of the Sins
Would be heavy and at others
Virtue will take over..
And this shifting ways
Never let the distant between
My mind and soul reduce..
Soul stayed quite far away
And I too just lived without
Intensely trying to reduce
This distance between them
To let mind be guided by soul..
But miserably failed
To meet the basic purpose
Of this just one life
Eighth Sin, that!!!
But then hopefully I still
Have my chance
These words appear to have come
Through a Mind willing to
Be guided by my soul, true
Aren’t they finally getting acquainted
God, help them to unite,
Ah, that may give me all the light..

By: RS : )


  1. Quenching needs blurred vision.. Yes, I agree with that, for when the thirst becomes unbearable, the vision gets blurry and we end up not seeing what we are drinking I guess. so if we drink wrong it is a sin, and to keep the soul right, we hide it. Thoughtful and thought provoking haiku, Rameshji...

    I liked your four liner too! :)

  2. These are all so lovely. I wish you luck on your quest and I feel certain that your sincere intent will manifest

  3. I love how you say virtues and vices rub against each other. Perfect way to describe our lives.

  4. "But then lived
    Just like most of us
    Letting Sins and Virtues
    Both rub my spirit"


  5. a controversial have told well...!

  6. You handled this difficult prompt just beautifully.

  7. I came for the haiku. It is rich and thought-provoking as always! You've packed many ideas into this little gem.

  8. Hi Ramesh ~~ You have indeed packed a lot into the OSI poem concerning those 'seven deadly sins.'

    The Eighth Sin attracted my attention. I Googled it and found out about Eighth Sin Jeans. Just to look at their advertisements may be sinning!

  9. I like the struggle between sin and virtue. Your short haiku and verses are beautiful as well. Wonderful thoughts on this topic. Nicely written.

  10. Expecting your usual meaningful haikus, I was delighted to receive deep and heartfelt poetry as well. Thanks, Ramesh.

  11. Great array provided for us to enjoy! Thank you for sharing!

  12. Just loved the verse in 4 lines sir.

    Oh this tussle.... this eighth sin we all are guilty of... we wouldn't be feeling guilty of our sins if we really were that far away from our soul... but then there are some sins that soothe the soul so much at times... I bet the soul must be turning a blind eye to those sins... and at times it is our mind that restrains us from committing sins that may cost us dear.

    Still we try to walk the tight rope.

    Loved the write up sir...


  13. thought and lovely.

    admirable imaginations.

  14. I suddenly felt blurred with your haiku...much more after reading your deadly sins!

    We are all vulnerable to such sins...I would salute someone who never committed any of them!

    Very well done Ramesh! Lovely poem!

  15. Yes we are all vulnerable to such sins- that's why we are human!! Loved the first 2 verses- especially "quenching needs blurred vision"