Monday, June 20, 2011

Sorrow..... for JPP

Written specially for JPP....

Hey, your laughter, so pure, can I borrow
Must be having  its  roots  deep in sorrow..


And a Haiku...

There are moments when
I feel sad, that’s how I know
When I am happy...

By: RS :) 


  1. The contrasts, the strange origin or laughter, of love. Yes. Wow.

  2. So true I firmly believe that its through opposites we understand the world. Sadness allows us to develop our compassion and an appreciation of the good times when they come. Lovely

  3. true. you can not know one, without the other. :)

  4. That's so true, my friend..
    Without sorrow, we would never really be able to cherish true joy..
    Very well said indeed!

  5. So true... and so beautiful... pain ... the beautiful pain.... like the pearl to the oyster...

    And yes... who would have cared for the days had there been no dark nights and who would have cared for the soothing nights had there been no hot, torturing days

    Beautiful, sir