Wednesday, June 8, 2011

When I Will Always Feel At Home...

Written for 3WW... Fond, Alter, Tranquil...

First  a Haiku..

I’m fond of watching
Smiling Moon; alters my mood,
Tranquil mind feels nice....

When I Will Always Feel At Home....

Tranquil ambience
Fond of noise, how I wish
My mind to alter
And  taste the silence..
A time may come
When I will always feel at home

By RS  : )


  1. Oh! That's a poem alright, and a beautiful one too. My own experiences and feelings can relate to it well. Your opening haiku is just perfect.

  2. Thanks Old Altonian... but I edited and it's now more soothing to my heart.. a smaller version but hopr essence stays.. your words are always very soothing..

  3. we all seek home I think..not the physical place..the quiet place in the back of our heads..a place of rest and peace..I think it comes..when we have said all we need to say..when we can sink back into the moon..Jae :)

  4. These are both lovely I agree with Jaerose home is within =)

  5. Thank you for a lovely, peaceful feeling! Nice work.

  6. Very nice, and I love the idea of tasting the silence.

  7. Very lovely .they both made me smile

  8. I can relate to this. I have been searching for home for a long time.

  9. Ahh the longing to feel at home... it always feels like I am sitting in a train... and where I retire are but temporary tents or camps..... and so many people feel like this... I don't know whether to feel good that we are in the same boat or to feel bad that it's so difficult... that home (the feeling) may evade me for a long time to come

    Beautiful write up and also beautiful comments specially by Jaerose :)


  10. These are beautiful. And I love the feeling of home you convey. Thank you.

  11. quick reads, both of these, but there's nothing wrong with that when the words paint what you've painted.