Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Moon Lets My Thoughts Run Wild...

Written for 3WW.... Prefer, Grip, Thread.

Moon Lets My Thoughts Run Wild...

Moon hangs on a thread
Weaved with my thoughts
Sky too prefers to loosen the grip
What else can it do
My thoughts can make
Moon dangle which ever way
Just Like a pendulum
And reduce it to size of my eyeball
And hide it there placing
Like a transparent lens
And then wrap-up the sky
Folding it like a news paper
Along with all the glittering stars
Placing it in a box of imagination
And tying it up with a rainbow
Hiding it  in my own inner-space
But then how would the Sun rise
Without a sky… in the morning
Yes, something to worry about
Well, it’s very simple
Let Moon continue to 
Offer light brightening the black holes
Of discontent and unhappiness
Which tend to get formed
Swallowing my happier
And joyous moments…
Yes, it’s better to let Moon
Hang in there in the grip of skies
That would be truly appropriate
Well, here it is snip, snip,
I cut the thread of my thoughts
And  thank Moon to let
My thoughts run wild always…


Well, Here's the Haiku ...can't do without it..

Don't tighten the grip
Life  hangs on thread of moments
Prefers a soft touch..

By:  RS : )


  1. A liked the little surreal touches this week imagination box tied with a that sounds perfect! Jae :)

  2. Love both the poem and haiku. Well done Ramesh. Cheers.

  3. We had a beautiful clear moon last night - your timing is excellent.

  4. "Black hole of discontent and unhappiness" - almost Shakespearean in it's imagery - wonderful. Your haiku was simply beautiful.

  5. Love this... especially

    "Let Moon continue to hang
    On the thread of my thoughts"

  6. Life prefers a soft tocuh.. Lovely Poem and Haiku RS..

    Someone is Special

  7. Your moon poem is fitting today Ramesh, tis the full Strawberry Moon over here. The night skies are always nicer with it. Lovely.

  8. A certain melancholy rolls through the piece that prompted me to read it again for more subtleties. Well done.

  9. enjoyed the wild thoughts and the haiku too. Great job!

  10. What a ride! The pace is almost hypnotic. Surreal.