Saturday, July 15, 2017

Writing An Addiction - A restart...

Ah, to get admired so much
for one's  writing,!!
It's  addictive
One wants to keep
on writing and to write
one needs to keep observing
and to find meaning
in anything one observes
Be it a walk in the corridors of the corporate
or a training hall where
one stands and delivers
or a path-way of one's morning walks
or standing on the terrace of a penthouse
looking at the city slowly getting lighted up
or being amid the noise
of a vegetable market
or an imaginary flight into the skies
or an experience of sliding down a rainbow or......
well, one can keep going
One will always find
human behaviour and nature in tango
to show the most luminous of life' experiences
or to bring one face to face
what  it could be most abysmal
or to stay somewhere in betwee
It's a range that defies logic
And one is committed to
share the luminous
through one's writing
May one remain addicted of writing!!


Monday, February 27, 2017

I Want to Play Flute.. - 1100th Post..

This is my 1100th post.. I learned only after posting it.. and added this note of thanks for everyone of my well wishers around the world who encouraged me with their more than 12000 comments over the years..  THANK YOU, ANGELS.. 

Silence of the sound
and quietness of the noise;
sun chills in earth's warmth

Hey,  I want to play flute
it will not create any ripples
in the still waters of your thoughts

Yet   don't blame me
 if moon comes down dancing
sliding on a rainbow

That's when ,oh, yes
that's when hold me tight
I may be tempted
to draw moon in my poem..

© Ramesh Sood  February 27,  2017