Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Oh, That Makes Me Shudder…3WW

Written for 3 WW... Jiggle, Early, Quality..

Oh, That Makes Me Shudder…

His mind jiggles in a flash
Never lets a difficulty touch
Alert pair of eyes
Keeps a watch all around
Rises early, walks, meditates
Stays in touch with nature
Cherishes being with the
Butterflies, flowers,
Chirping birds, dancing trees.
Loves to listen to
Rustling sounds of leaves
Melody of winds
Can’t ever miss a chance
Of playing with Moon
And the stars
Dares to hold sunbeams
Directly on his face
Combines so well
Pride and humility
Ah, what a quality of life
The man lives happily
In my inner space somewhere
Yet I know he is nowhere
Sometimes shows himself
In my cravings and hopes
How I want to be like him
It makes me wonder –
Is he the ‘other’ me
My opposite …..
Oh, That makes me shudder..


And here's a  Haiku... has to be.. difficult prompts.. but then could create one.. hope you see me jiggling too..

I jiggle early
Prick of needle doesn’t feel
Quality work , that!

Comments make me add here as a clarification... I was just mentioning about the competence of a Sister in a hospital... But then needle has this feel about getting connected with something negative..
By: RS : )


  1. Lovely scenic drive through the verse but the Haiku leaves one sad RS!!

  2. lovely poem the first one kind of sad though that the other doesn't always shine through.
    The haiku could be about diabetes not addiction but it's ambiguous.

  3. I adore the life you describe in the lengthier poem. I live that life. I wish it for you, too.

  4. I had connected the Haiku to a diabetic straight away and not the negative drug addicts RS!! :)

  5. Ah, to be that inner self! Such an elegant conversationalist! Such pertinent rejoinders five minutes too late! You made us think!

  6. Ah, I jiggle before the needle finds its mark usually :P I hate injections :D LOL.