Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Take the Option..

Written for 3WW...  Indecision, Option , Fate

I Take the Option..

Indecision ?

No, I never
Get stuck up
Whenever on cross roads
I choose
I decide
I take the option
Of leaving it to fate, and
I move forward.…

RS : )

Do have a look and bless my previous post too which has been 300th.. post.. thanks!!!


  1. Congratulations on the 300th post..I like how this anniversary is decisive..clear..not many people take the moon and the stars in their hands..Jae

  2. I can see you heading down that road with your head held high and your back straight!

  3. Quite a right thing to do too, RS :) Too much time thinking is not very well spent I guess. Nice verse!

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  4. If only all of us could do that but sometimes we bog down in indecision
    Good for you.

  5. What do they say? "Sometimes it pays to take a chance" - Brave move!