Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Winds Hiss In Dark, East Glows Like Gold

Haikus Written for
Haiku My Heart
3WW : Hiss, Ridicule and Absolve
For Haiku My Heart:

Heart skips a beat
As sound of doorbell crackles
Hopefully, its hope..


Stars murmur stops
Tired Moon waves a goodbye
East glows like gold

Also for 3WW :

Winds hiss in dark
Trees ridicule yet absolve
Moon for rare absence


A hiss from Moon,
Stars feel ridiculous ,
Earth absolves..



  1. Hissing winds, judgemental trees, missing moon - loved it.

  2. I especially loved the imagery of the first one. So few words, such beautiful vision.

  3. both are excellent in form, but I, too, like the first one for its images.

  4. Pyaara Dost,
    A lovely morning from Thrissur!I am with Amma now.
    I must learn how to convey strong messages through few words.Hats off to you!:)
    Hope my comment will be visible this time.The pc is different and the location is different.:)
    Trust me,dost,I do read your posts regularly.
    Today evening onwards Pooja starts for Devi;so no reading or writing.
    MayGodddess Saraswathi Bless You to write more and more posts!
    Wishing you a wonderful weekend,

  5. Beautiful. Love and Light, Sender

  6. wow...what a beautiful picture being drawn...i am in love with your haiku's ramesh ji :)

  7. “Hopefully its hope”…. I certainly hope so….
    I love your clever use of words.

    Have a nice day, Boonie

  8. That first one that mentions the doorbell, made me shudder a bit. I envisioned a surprise ring, late at night, when everyone knows I'm sleeping. Almost scaring me as I read it. That's something, how words can bring totally different thoughts to each individual that reads it. Personal thoughts and images. Awesome.
    The next is beautiful, and as I relate much of my existance to the heavens, I can see that Grandmother Moon setting, or rather melting, into the sky as morning begins again.
    Great stuff here. I notice you do it without photos and that is good.


  9. Great work Ramesh Soodji!! I loved the 2nd and 3rd Haiku's :)

    Winds hiss in the dark and the swaying leaves do seem to ridicule and yet give absolution.

    The twinkling stars and the tired setting moon create a picture to await for the new dawn :)

    Best wishes!!

  10. ha i especially like the last two...very nicely played...

  11. Wonderful word weaving, especially when some of them are challenging to use together.

  12. wow, you are having a wonderful time with words today ! Love the images from the second and third and the anticipation in the mundane in the first !
    Happy Friday !

  13. No image needed,
    all vision evoked by words.
    Thank you Ramesh Sood.

  14. I love your use of onomatopoeia in "doorbell crackles", "winds hiss" and "glows like gold". I also like the fact that you anthropomorphize the moon, earth, stars and even the trees. It seems a kind of fable really, as if all of nature were taking on human qualities that were better left to us. The natural world has its cycles and these are little affected by feelings of jealousy, judgment or forgiveness, but it is fascinating to make them so. It is like living in the World of Greek myth when gods and goddesses of moon and stars became angry and manifested it. Great job with words here!

  15. Lovely Haiku's.. Loved it..

    --Someone Is Special--

  16. I never thought of the wind as hissing, R'ji :) interesting take that one! :D

    UR a Haikuddict now eh? ;)

  17. yeah what noelle sed so perfectly...!!!

  18. Loved reading all of them....nice picture presented by the haikus.. :)