Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Yes, My Ego Needs To Be Served...

Written for 3WW Prompts: Janky, Conniption & Scooch

Yes, My Ego Needed To Be Served…

A mistake was about to happen
I wasn’t able to foresee
But he could and as usual
He expressed it, but how could he
I was in power and
He didn’t have any right to
Be wiser than me, so
In spite of his warning
I chose to use my veto and
Overlooked his wisdom
My misadventure resulted
In a janky situation
As the fears projected proved true
And I had a conniption fit
But wasn’t unduly worried
Since I had never forgiven
The lesser one for the mistakes
I had been doing to him
So once again he got blamed
And I, the powerful, relaxed
In the glory of my own conceit
What a perk for being in power
Nothing wrong, a normal way in which
The world moves on and the lesser ones
Can’t even scooch, prefer a status quo
For, a known devil is better always
Than an unknown one.. and so I thought
But then if he chose to move, I shuddered
For I knew, power also gets bestowed
On those who were strong enough
To take responsibility for their mistakes
And the talented always had the choice..
Yet I wasn’t bothered, for I knew
I would find someone else
Yes, my ego needed to be served constantly

( A poem where I placed myself on the opposite side to see life from another perspective..)


  1. Ramesh ji..your words are always powerful..liked it!

  2. A mess we at times find ourselves in, to satisfy our ego and then become blinded with power. A violent confrontation in the mind was creating a loud resonance.

  3. Wow, Ramesh, what an interesting take - I enjoyed it a lot. I would love to hear how the process was for you as well...

    More, More! Bravo, bravo!

    My 3WW poem.

  4. Great use of the words. Really enjoyed this.

  5. Once again, the Word Smith at work, hammering out lines of great power and truth. Bless you.

  6. Sheilagh Lee said:Bravo well put. As it was said absolute power corrupts absolutely.Loved this so powerful

  7. Nice poem.

    Cograts on 100 followers. :)

  8. Power does all that and more. Well brought out Ramesh.

  9. A great piece of poetry Ramesh - but you are far too wise and caring to truly 'belong' on the other side..Jae

  10. Nicely done. Appreciate the wisdom embedded here.

  11. great work, as always. You are such a strong poet.

  12. Ramesh, so glad to read you again. Had to take a break after the move to Madison, WI.

    This was wonderful - putting yourself in another's shoes is always enlightening.

    Great take on the prompt! Amy

    PS My first Madison poem was NOT about snow, believe it or not: