Sunday, May 22, 2011

Incoherent Words ........

Written for OSI .... and also Haiku Heights...

Well friends... some of you may  wonder from where did it come.. I am wondering too... it just happened...but then could it be a possibility... don't know.. I would love to hear from you... the title tells how I am using the prompt..

Incoherent Words Fell Here and There…

A life of togetherness
And he decided
What he hadn’t been able
To say to her ever
He would say in one breath
Could be his last one
A premonition that…
Life had had some
Digressions, unshared..
Yes, it was essential to
Unburden himself..
She was looking at him
As transparent tubes
Ran up & down his body
Trying to give life
Through piercing needles
She gave a smile
Having lost many a
Living moments
To his piercing words
Her eyes reflected sadness
But then he was ready
For the confession
Mustering all the courage
He said it all, confessing,
Seeking forgiveness
And eternal peace
In just one breath
Which proved to be his last..
Yet his face had an
Expression of salvation,
Deep satisfaction…
Years have gone by
She sits caught in
Her web of illusions
Still wondering
What did he try to say
In his last moments
She hadn’t understood
Even an iota of his ramblings
Incoherent words had
Just fallen here and there
How she wished to have
Caught a few of them….

And a haiku too…. For Haiku Heights & OSI

Solitude, a place
To seek silence or to ramble
God listens to both…

By-   RS : )


  1. that is sad but maybe real...!

  2. sometimes the words fall and no one is there to catch them ... I'm glad we can catch yours.


    I've changed homes ... now at: Westlander Poetry

  3. I love your long poem and your haiku has some amazing lines: "To seek silence or to ramble
    God listens to both…"

    Lovely poems as always. I love reading your work :)

  4. 'God listens to both'

    I love this Haiku.

    I think, she heard or not, it was communicated.

  5. so beautiful both of them. the previous one's sad and the later soothing..

  6. "Expression of salvation,
    Deep satisfaction…" is what matters.
    I loved your Haiku very much.

  7. The long one rings with so much melancholy,haiku is superb..hmmm, god listens to both..

  8. true, lovely Haiku.

    Thanks for linking.

  9. true, lovely Haiku.

    Thanks for linking.

  10. That is sad but so beautifully written!

  11. A touchng tale .. totally gripping !

    Loved the haiku :) so very me !!

  12. a sad story, but the outcome may be what's best for both

  13. So sad, but all too real for most if not all of us.

    You captured the raw emotions beautifully, Ramesh.

    Thank you for sharing.

  14. You handled a sad story so beautifully.
    Your haiku is awesome.

  15. Marriage and togetherness, love and romance are not always synonyms. Sometimes being in a relationship can be a lonely thing. Sad and true.

  16. That's a beautiful touching short story there. I just loved it.

    And yes how true solitude is either running away from the ramble outside, or to have a ramble all out within

    Beautiful sir


  17. Wonderfully written- I really am curious what was said... hmmm... Great haiku as well!