Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Welcome Back!

Written for 3 WW...   Grin , Jumble, Naked


Remove layers of
Jumbled lies, reveal naked
Truth, see if you can
Still grin..
If yes, shame on me
I trusted you, thinking
You were courageous..
If no, then fine
Mistakes do happen
We all know
To err is human
Welcome back,
See, how beautiful life is!!!


Expressing it in a HAIKU ........

Remove  layers of
Jumbled lies, see naked truth
Hey, will you still grin...

a Late Addition:


Hey, I am not able to grin
Smile has faded away
Spirit stands naked
Spots are visible
Some say , “ Hide somewhere
Don’t show your face”
There are others
Who tell, “It’s OK, we are
Human beings, why to seek
Perfection, little bit of sin
Can be taken in stride”,
My thoughts are jumbled
For I know one day I will
Have to return the soul
To God, pure and shining
Exactly the same when he had
Loaned it to me…
True, I now know
Work will have to begin
To remove the spots
One by one, I have the time
By my side, I hope
Now that God has made me aware
So God shall ensure
Look at Him, how he’s grinning…

BY:  RS :)


  1. Enjoyed all three treatments. Excellent.

  2. I enjoyed the three treatments too, RS.. but today, I prefer the first :) I just found that poignant, and very much on the mark! Lovely.

  3. All wonderful works. I too, thought the first was exquisite.

  4. Three wonderful works.Excellent work.

  5. beautiful poems..all three are wonderful..

  6. interesting haiku, I think I know these words.

  7. Pure... it has the scent of earth... this little bit of sin.... the words that have trickled out of your heart have melted out along with them the soiled soil from your spots, but on their journey till here they have also gotten washed and are sparkling like fresh, white, clean silica crystals on a virgin beach.

    Beautiful write ups sir. Thank you for letting us have a look at your beautiful interiors

    P.S. Written something inspired by the Human Tree.


  8. All wonderfully good, but I liked your haiku best. Word magic!

  9. I think these words released a torrent of creativity in you. Good poems. Also, I read your writing about the fire. Admirable people, aren't they? Mine was prompted by several tornado disasters we have had just this week. A city near where I once lived was devastated and, in another city, my cousin lost his home. He and his wife are safe, however, and that's the most important.

  10. Three wonderful poems. I agree the only way to heal and cleanse yourself is to admit your wrongs and take responsibility

  11. very well fine tuned piece.

    the first one is playful and full of wit.

    thanks for sharing.