Thursday, May 30, 2013

I Was Indeed Successful..

Badge, Darken, Liability

I Was Indeed Successful..

Yes, I had earned it
My Award of Merit
And received a badge
In a glittering function
I was happy and
Celebrated too
At that time I didn't know
That I had been burdened
With a liability
As everyone around
Started noticing and expecting
From me a lot more, much more
Glint in eyes would
Turn into darkened faces
Such compelling transformation
Could happen due to one single
Powerful emotion - Envy...
Another kind of a badge
Which could only be felt
Yet spoke far louder, that
I was indeed successful...


A Haiku.

Darkened faces;
my badge of honour becomes
my liability



  1. both of this are excellent and so true of some exalted positions

  2. I now envy your ability to churn out such brilliant poetry Sir :)

  3. Hearty congratulations RS. The poem is excellent. the lines,
    Such compelling transformation
    Could happen due to one single
    Powerful emotion - seem to have come from the core of the heart. Keep it up!!

  4. Envy..the ugly side of humans...In Australia we call that the tall poppy syndrome. If someone is very good at something they are chopped at the top to make them level with everyone else..I do hope that you continue with your poetry writing (apart from haiku). Usha is write very well!