Wednesday, July 28, 2010

But Will Man Ever Understand... 3WW

This week's 3WW prompts are 'abuse, cramp & hatred'
quite a tough task but then it helped to write on a subject
close to one's heart..hope you will like it!

But Will Man Ever Understand...

"But then this is not the temple
Of your God,
Why are you so keen to go in?"
Alien tried to inject
A small dose of hatred
Perhaps to start with...
I did not listen, for I knew
Inside was a God who loved all
Why all didn't love him
The mystery always baffled me
As I moved on, the alien
without flinching an eye
Hurled an abuse
Oh, I let it fall to melt with
whatever environment
He came from
It wasn't his fault
He must have seen many others
Developing cramps
On reaching a temple
Belonging to a God ,
That they perceived as
Not belonging to them
It's all well and fine
Because God created Man
And true to its basic nature
Man repaid by creating
Many Gods,
Out of the One
Who understands where all
It's headed to..and therefore
Quietly watches from the skies
In the light of Sun, Moon and
The twinkiling stars
A shining earth
Where life dwells,
A life created out of love,
For love, by love
But will man ever understand..


Cramped Soul….

Using abuse
And the
For creating personal heavens
And then visiting Godly shrines
To comfort
A bruised & Cramped soul….
An inseparable part
Of humanity, perhaps
But will man ever understand..


  1. About the 1st poem:The idea is very different and you've done justice to it by using the right set of words.Besides,the natural flow of the poem is something that I really liked esp liked
    'Because God created Man
    And true to its basic nature
    Man repaid by creating
    Many Gods'

    About the 2nd poem:As they say '900 chuhe kha ke billi hajj ko chali' That is what happens with most of us.We never think twice before committing a sin because it's much easier to repent later on than letting our illegitimate desires go unfulfilled at that point of time. Very well expressed!

  2. In this belief from heaven be send.
    If such be nature's holy plan...
    Have I not the reason to lament?

  3. Wow, two poems with the same three words, similar yet soulfully different. I am intrigued.


  4. Lovely poems, both of them, and they address important issues. It's unfortunate that some people feel compelled to turn spirituality, which ought to be about love, into a tool of hatred and intolerance.

    Excellent work, and from the heart!

  5. both poems eloquent and well expressed :) similar and soulfully different, like Julie puts it..

    thank u for sharing such wonderful words, with the 3ww which was tough for sure!

  6. Once again, your gentle and inquistive nature shines through your words. Beautiful philosophical questioning.

  7. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    To make man understand, we are here as bloggers and wellwishers!We can bring light to the dark minds and to the sinner let us say,''Surrender''!
    A fruit laden branch reminds us to be humble.
    Let us make the soul sacred and beautiful.
    Well expressed thought and very impressive.
    Wishing you a relaxing and wonderful weekend,

  8. for those who fail to understand, they never come face to face with themselves, to fail to identify the God within.. if man will be able to meet the God who resides in his heart, he will never commit any sin.