Sunday, August 1, 2010

Much ‘Ego’ About Nothing : OSI Prompt 127

Thanks to Tammie Lee for such a challenging prompt: Cocoon, but then it gave one an opportunityto pour out all that's hidden.. here's the truth as perceived by me..
Welcome.. A very happy and enjoyble Friendship Day to you!

Much ‘Ego’ About Nothing
How could I face a world
So different
Than the world revolving in my mind
Around the Sun of my own ego
Burning dreams, blowing hot winds
Of my own aggression..
Destroying delicate threads
With which relationships are woven
I needed protection from my own self
So I created a Cocoon
Of my own assumptions and beliefs
And quietly hid inside, lest someone
Would find and try to break
My myths about myself
And how could I have taken the risk
Of crawling out of a fissure created by the
Constant knockings from the beams of vanity
I stayed hidden, because
Finally I realized, that
It was by staying hidden
That I was able to make myself
So highly visible in the eyes
Of those, who always preferred to look
Beyond me, having fulfilled their needs
And I don’t find myself
Even a bit uncomfortable
When I find their eyes wandering
Around every corner
Of their glittering ostentatious spaces
Seeking their favorite prey,
By throwing a bait of false appreciation
Who, earlier, by taking the bait
Would get whirled into frenzy
To feed his own misunderstood ego..
But not anymore, yes no more
For I have thrown my Ego
Too long, far ahead
Won’t mind picking it up again
But it would be so very difficult to
Go to those lengths, anyway
For the truth is that
Journey has just begun,
I am a lot happier, too
As I appear to have slowly
Begun crawling out of the Cocoon
Through a crevice that appears
Harmless, as it got created
By the shining beams of hope
Which pierced through what otherwise
Appeared impenetrable crust
And today I know that it had been
Much ‘Ego’ about nothing..



  1. The self-reflection in your poetry is wonderful - and I particularly liked the title of this one.

  2. Your poem sounds like a journey to find yourself. I think this is a journey we all take, getting more introspective as we grow older. I hope you find all you are looking for, and more.

  3. The title is so good.

    crumbling walls

    Also don't forget to get aboard the Poetry Train on Monday mornings!

  4. Thanks Anthony, Rob and Gautami for being here and encouraging me.. yeah, somehow I too felt good about title after I thought to put it..God bless!

  5. The journey inward often leaves many casualties. This is so well done. Thank you.

  6. Very well written! Self-exploration is a hard journey, but in the end a good one. Excellent post!


  7. such wise words !!

  8. I really like this story-poem. Your interpretation of cocoon is amazing and once again through your poem, we learn a bit more about you!

  9. What a journey Ramesh...

    All of us have been there, done this, done that! And what not!

  10. This is when you discovered yourself.. lovely :)

  11. Wonderful! So inspiring that you can write something this self reflective. Here's hoping we all come out of hiding.

  12. A journey into within!

    God bless you.

  13. And one emerges from this cocoon as a butterfly, with colours of liberation, guiltless happiness lighting up its wings.

    Very soothing, healing words. Words that tell me I still have a chance to peace.