Thursday, August 5, 2010

In Spite of Nocturnal Temptations

Well friends.. this comes as my reponse to the prompts Cocoon at OSI and Drink, Feeble and Predict at 3WW.. Hope you will like it.. I share what is likely to be the fate of anyone who tries to be 'a Little More Than Ordinary' in Intellectual and Spiritual dimensions of life.. I am sure many of us have similar experiences.. my journey may be similar to yours too..

In Spite of Nocturnal Temptations

Liquor flowed as a natural consequence
Of a predictable victory
Power was celebrating more power,
Yes, a lot more power
Glasses glittered in the glittering environment
I stood on a side watching the frenzied mood
When a light tap on my shoulder made me turn
And he stood smiling.. the host..
A face that exuded control
“Hey, why don’t you drink man, tell Me,
Pick one and make it bottoms-up,”
He wanted to know as a matter of right.
“ Well for the same reason for which you do”
I was quite honest in my response
He didn’t understand
And his attempts to persuade continued
As the evening slowly turned into night
In spite of nocturnal temptations
I firmly stood my ground
Watching many find it slipping
Under their feeble feet
But by next morning none remembered
Anything about abrasions,
Insinuations and provocations
Except me, as I was left to carry the burden
Of undesirable memories created
By being amidst socially desirable people
Yes, price had to be paid
For having stayed awake in the safety
Of the cocoon built by me
Over the years where my values
Had remained untouched
Strong enough to be my guideposts
In the tumultuous waters of life
Ah! I could always reach back safe…


  1. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    I am so happy that you could hold on to your values.I can relate so well as here people wait for a chance for the liquor to flow.It's difficult to say 'no'.
    You are the pride of your parents and family.
    I am happy that I have come across you.
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  2. It is difficult to say no in certain situations, but strength comes from within.

  3. "lehron ke sath to koi bhi tair leta hai, par asli insaan wo hai to lehron ko cheer kar aage bade"
    Good to know that you are one of them. I sometimes go with the flow and am drawn back to the same place from where I have started, still struggling just to move ahead and ahead.

  4. I salute you for this ! Its very difficult to remain odd in an social gathering , and that too when you are right ! :)