Friday, August 27, 2010

LOL: Prompt: Stumble

Elephant & Ant

Elephant stumbles
Ant behind him screams
"Hold me, stupid"

And then Ant stumbles
Elephant screams, "Should've worn
My shoes, girl!"

Monkeys sitting
On the tree adjudge them
" Best couple!".

Jealous She-Elephant
Wants to kill the Ant
But isn't well.

Elephant and Ant
Oblivious, continue Journey
Honeymoon hut waits..


He stumbled, and fell
In the lap of a hideous princess
Punished with marriage..


  1. LOL & ROFL n more, Rameshji :D this is timeless and ageless poetry.. ur an asset to LOL site :)

    what an imagination u got.. FANTASTIC! :D

  2. LOL Rameshji!! :D
    You had me in splits all over again!!
    Humor is just your thing...
    Love it... :D

  3. Uncontrollable laughter Rameshji!! :D
    Your going better and better with each humor post at LOL.
    Is there going to be a sequel to this if I ask a question?? ;)
    Loved it..

  4. @ thanks all of you.. so fast.. yes sequel is possible..let them have their honeymoon..

  5. ha ha...
    cool one...
    Light and floating...:)

  6. Sound like some truly distressed relationships! =)

  7. So delightfully and absurdly funny .... I absolutely lOVED it!! :o)

  8. This reads like a twisted children's fable - very clever and engaging.