Thursday, August 12, 2010

New entry for OSI and 3WW and Haiku Heights

First an attempt for Haiku for Haiku Heights.. (Prompt: Field)
(Thanks to Leo for guidance.. Edited what I had put earlier for Haiku)
Thanks! Leo
Well, here's my new take for Haiku:

Colourful fields
Flowers chase b
Trees around laugh

And now here's an attempt to write on combined prompts of OSI and 3WW

Connoisseur, Coccon, joke, remedy, leverage, predict, Drink, Feeble..

Birth of a New Star

How could he be refused
Even if the painting appeared
A big joke on the sensibilities of art
There was no
Had to be exhibited in the Gallery
Among the contemporaries
For the artist had the
Being son of a famous
And who could predict
The painting may fetch good reward
Oh, don’t tell me that
You would be surprised seeing
The headline on the relevant page
Screaming,"Birth of a New Star"
Isn't it how the world moves
And drunk with success,
Swollen heads make
Feeble claims of the authenticity
Ah! Why did I come out of my
And I know the answer
In spite of all this
World is so very beautiful..


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  1. Well done. Leaverage works in a subjective field like arts. Yes, no matter what the world is beautiful.

  2. I appreciate how you took the other poems from the other prompts and melded them into such a grand, universal melody.


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  3. haha :) firstly, the melody of the combined prompts was very nice Rameshji.. wonderful take..

    Welcome to Haiku Heights.. :)
    coming to your tercet, well, its not a haiku i think, coz its exceeding 17 syllables in three lines :) but its a nice thought that is expressed.. my guidance? :-o m still novice at haiku i feel, but will pass on what I do know...

    a haiku is of 3 lines, if possible, u can relate it to nature.. the three lines have total of 17 syllables or lesser(syllable being pronunciation sounds). in ur name, there are 2 syllables, seeing that its pronounced as Ram-esh.. the only other rule I know of is that -ing verbs aren't allowed. :)

    if u r having difficulty in the syllables, u can visit where the word u search will be displayed, split in syllables :)

  4. "Flowers chase butterflies " - I like that idea

    thanks for your visit

  5. good job.. and thanks for visiting my blog..

  6. perfecto.. that is one awesome haiku.. like that.. simplicity can be very beautiful Rameshji.. u showed it :)

  7. Wow, two 3WW posts. I liked your poetry take on a new star.

  8. I am a part of this world and in spite of all what is right and wrong here I love it because it is my world, my adobe.. a very good haiku(i first searched what haiku meant :) )