Sunday, August 22, 2010

My 100th Post...

……………..Thank you all… .lovely people..for always encouraging..
Written for OSI Prompt : Pensive
Haiku Heights : Festival
LoL Prompt : Proposal


When I was a child, I’d often be
Curious to know what happens next
So while choosing to read I’d find
The Mystery Books among the best

Then adolescence saw me concentrating
On my behavior and the looks
Eyes would wander in search of magic
I was keen on reading Romantic Books

While crossing thro’ the last of teens
As gifts from a childhood friend, I read
Ayn Rand’s epics The Atlas Shrugged
And timeless classic The Fountainhead.

20s & the 30s saw me as a grown-up
Who was searching for happier ways to live
That’s when I found myself relishing
The books that taught me to be ‘Positive’

Into the 40s and life led me towards
Finding meaning of life itself
Bend of mind pensive and philosophical
Lo! Books on philosophy filled my shelf

Now entering 50s, I find Blogging
Bringing about some kind of revolution
Sharing thoughts with discerning minds
Resulting into my humanistic evolution

Don’t know which way it’s headed now
But I may find true meaning of ‘Living’
Constant efforts may shift my focus
From ‘Taking’ to unconditional ‘Giving’

Would love to fulfill just one longing
No, no, it’s not about money or fame
But among the myriad books in shelves
There should be some bearing my Name..
Haiku: for Haiku Heights
Sound of flute

Sound of flute
In the air, festive mood
Fireflies dance

For LOL : Prompt - Proposal

Pen proposed to Pencil
She blushed, but why did
Paper turn pink

Answer to why?

Pen proposed to Pencil,
Paper thought, 'twas for him
So, turned pink..


A Little shift..

Pencil proposes to paper,
Who turns pink and then blue
Cos', Pen gets jealous..


  1. Congratulations for the 100th post. Being a book lover myself, I can understand this.

    a trophy

    BTW, I have a book blog too. If interested, click here to reach there.

  2. wow.. congratulations on the 100th post, Rameshji :) lovely poem, brings back some memories for you, I think :)

    here's to another 100 posts, real real soon :)

    nice haiku too.. well said..that is a nice festive mood u have told of..have u linked to HH? don't think u have yet.. will do it for u :)

  3. Congratulations Rameshji on your 100th post.
    Each one a good read.
    Hope you have many many more.
    I really wish that you soon have some books bearing your name on the bookshelves.
    Loved this humanistic evolution.

  4. Liked both of these! Congrats on your 100th post! I nearing that amount soon. I've never been able to finish Atlas Shrugged. I would always finish a chapter, then set the book down to think about it for awhile (sometimes a few weeks). Awesome post!

    -Weasel =)

  5. Congratulation on reaching 100 posts Rameshji!!
    I too am nearing that number soon. :)
    Wish you all the very best and hope all your dreams of finding your name on the bookshelves comes true.
    Lovely Haiku as well.
    Have a great week!!

  6. a life in books, ending with the writer's ultimate dream. Nice one.

  7. Bravo. Books deserve such a poem as this, and it's interesting the way you have linked them to periods of your life. And the haiku is gorgeous. I one saw fireflies dancing by the shore of a tiny island in the Ionian sea, unforgettable.

  8. Concratulations upon this achievment. The Haiku of yours surely was a joy for the sense of sound and sight. Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  9. Congratulations, blogger friend. I like the biography of a reader and writer here.

  10. Pyaara Dost,
    Hearty Congrats on reaching a great milestone of completing 100th post.
    I loved your lines of real life,
    The dreams and how they change,
    I can relate so well with your changing habits,
    But since months I have not seen fireflies!:(
    I am sure you can and you will publish your own book,
    And when that happens,please let me know,
    As I would be the first one to buy it!
    Today I am in Thrissur with Amma and Nanda celebrating ONAM!

  11. Congratulations. I am sure your wish will come true, soon.

    God bless you.

    How u evolved as a reader and writer is nicely put in words.

  12. Oh, I am s thankful to all of you for being here and for wishing my wish to come true.. I feel very Happy.. yes, happiness is what spurs me on.. and thats the state I try to be in.. yes moments come when on feels low.. but then so what.. one shrugs and smiles and laughs and shares with family and read books and write poems and comes back and meets you all and in this space, where is the alternative..yes,
    happiness returns..

    @ and Anu, A very Happy Onam to all of you! God bless!

  13. Congratulations on the 100 milestone! Wonderful words.

  14. 100! Yea!

    I love your poem and I relate to it very much. Especially the last line! =)

  15. Rameshji, forget the LOL.. i went straight to ROTFL reading that haiku!! :D You're a very versatile writer.. SUPERB! :D

    Welcome to LoL too! :) Glad to have u join in!

  16. Rameshji, even I am curious to know..what tickled the paper pink!! :D
    Really Funny!!

  17. LOL!! Rameshji that was hilarious!! :D
    But really, I think we'd all like to know..why the paper turned pink!!?? LOL!!

  18. Wait , I will certainly answer, why the paper turned pink..

  19. Very interesting. All book-o-holics will relate.

  20. festival of mood,
    how divine...
    lovely post!
    congratulations on your 100th post.

  21. Well then, the paper was certainly in between something there... LOL!! :D

  22. Rameshji, but why was the paper betwixt the pen and pencil?? Another one to answer.. ;) LOL!!

  23. The paper seems like a go-between or even a chaperone? Lovely thoughts here! Totally relate to the book comments! I grew up with books and still growing!

    Congrats on the 100th post!

  24. Congrats on your 100th post, Ramesh! I too, find myself focusing more on unconditional giving as I near my 50's. And, I agree that the internet is a great place to share our thoughts with each other.

  25. Congrats! :)

    The poem is really interesting. Choice of books changes with the age.

    I liked the pen, pencil and paper haiku. :D

  26. wonderful journey so far - Acceptance plays a big part in happiness and contentment.knowing well that all might not work out at all times...but even if it works out sometimes it's good.

    ...and I wish you joy and happiness in your life moving forward...both in the blog world and the real world !

  27. Congratulations on your 100 post. You got there a lot faster than me. I also enjoyed the biographical nature of your poem and post. Keep writing!


  29. 100th post, wonderful Ramesh, and I enjoyed my reading here -- never relinquish your quest for the book bearing your name as author, only persistent tending of the seed bears fruit...

    peace and good fortune to you...


  30. Hello. I came over from Chandrika Shubham. My congratulations to your onehundredst post - many may follow!

  31. A great trip through the ages and a learned process indeed..

  32. 100 not out! A great innings - now go beyond those boundaries...!

  33. Happy 100th post to you...I enjoy your poems very much. I think your LOL prompt is very cute also. Thanks for your visit and take care.

  34. I think all those books bear your name; they are a part of you. Congrats on post #100.

  35. Gratz on your 100 =3 and may another 100 another 100 come again and again XD And i am a lover of mystery books too=3~

  36. LOL :D Rameshji, u r on a roll! wonderful humor here.. ur an asset to the LOL site :D thanks for the many laughs.. :)

    ps: can u shift ur comment form to popup instead of embedded? helps me when commenting from my Corby :)

  37. Worthy 100th post. I liked the first poem alot. It narrated your journey as an enthusiastic reader over the years. The ending is perfect. Well may your wish come true. :)

  38. Wow...this is really, really an awesome 100th post celebration Ramesh!
    Of course I won't miss this one, though I am quite late, on a vacation you know!

    So your 100th post sounds like an autobiography chronicling your love for books and finally your wish that someday soon you will have a book where your name is etched on the cover! That's not too far from reality Ramesh! Persistence is the answer and of course, you're now very popular so i know you will succeed and will have your dreams turned to reality "a very successful published author" soon!!!

    Re: your LOL contribution, how come you were able to find LOL, since it's a very, very new meme? You really are a very good writer! Much more you have a talent at making others laugh, so for LOL, you're an asset! Keep sharing!

    Finally, congratutions on your 100th post! Keep rocking! How old are you? If you don't mind my asking, LOL! :)

    Btw, that pen and paper? Hmmm....I lost my humor here, nope, just kidding! Reason is, I can't guess the answer now! Just tell me in my blog!

  39. I think your last paragraph sums it up best for all writers: to one day see some books on shelves bearing their name....liked the poem.

  40. more that the fact that this is the 100th post, am glad its YOUR's 100th post :) am always inspired to see people of different ages and ideas make a difference to other's ideas ! Keep writing Sir :) congrats !!

  41. Hi Ramesh ~~ The answer to your last OSI question is when you want to write it. It will cost a little bit (quite a bit?) but you can have it published yourself and not worry about getting it accepted.

    I liked the OSI poem, you went therough the stages of life by 10's of years like a champ and with rhymes as well!

    Congratulations on your 100th blog. Makes you feel good doesn't it?

  42. Beautiful Sir. This one reminded me of Shakespeare's THE SEVEN AGES....
    Cheers to your 100th post!

  43. Congratulations on your 100th post. The poems are great fun.

  44. Congrats on your 100th post! Love books myself so I can totally relate (including Ayn Rand). I, too, would love a book on my shelf written by myself (and YOU) as well!

  45. Congratulations...
    and a lovely post for celebrating the 100th.
    Congratulations once again.

  46. congratulations on ur 100th post :)wonderful blog :)

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  48. congrats on your 100th poem- i know there are more to come!

  49. So well done...I have similar feelings about my life's journey!
    Hope your goals are realized ;-)

  50. a remarkable milestone..
    lovely spirits.
    Thanks for sharing!

  51. Good job, Ramesh. In the next decade you'll be looking at books on health/fitness and spirituality.

  52. AMEN Rameshji,
    You would definitely get a few of those in the shelves too- very soon.. Blogging does give you a sense of achievement. Like how you feel when you learn to drive a bike or maybe when you get to spend some time with your loved one.. It's as magical as that..
    Congratulations on reaching this milestone; there are many more to come..
    All the Best

  53. Beautiful poem.All of these pictures passes through as a video when we read the poem..May your dream come true very soon.

  54. Amen to your simple wish, Ramesh... such a lovely poem! I am well out of my teens now, but still find myself glued to Ms. Rand's books! :)) Your mention of Fountainhead and Atlas Shrugged really gave me goosebumps! Lovely poem!!
    And the Haikus were simply too cute!!!!

    Thanks for sharing all these superb treats at poetry potluck! We are delighted to have you here!

  55. I have been a bookworm myself,
    love reading your book reading experience...

    Thanks for linking ...
    Hope to see you next week.
    Sign in to follow our blog if you did not do so yet.

    See you on Monday.

  56. Glad to have visited. Very simple yet enjoyable. The sequence of the kind of books sounds to me somewhat like my own (Anne series, Abridged Jane Eyre, Great Expectations, Kidnapped), but some deviations like Maxim Gorky's My Childhood and My Apprenticeship, and some Russian short stories that I read while still not in 10th. But I read Ayn Rand just about the same time as you and now between 20's and 30's I really see myself looking for books and articles and moments of life that can give me some positivity and some hope. Reading "the Monk who sold his Ferari" now :)

  57. And yes there will be books bearing your name. Amen :)

  58. Loved reading every line of it :)

    I smiled through out :)

    Don’t know which way it’s headed now
    But I may find true meaning of ‘Living’
    Constant efforts may shift my focus
    From ‘Taking’ to unconditional ‘Giving’

    These are the best lines and made me say "yes!! very true"

  59. First of all- many congratulations for this post & the achievement it highlights.

    Loved the poem...unlike the mindless melodies presented these days- this was so clear, soulful & has meaning. Loved it!

    pencil proposes, pen got jealous
    paper switches the colors pink & blue
    love is strangest of all

    hee hee I know bad haiku but still :)