Saturday, August 28, 2010

BIG HEART & BIG MIND i.e Extra Ordinary..

A few friends after reading my post A HIT ON THE HEART , THANK GOD asked me why was I always thinking with my heart... here's my answer.. a long one.. but I am sure flow would be smooth.. journey would be comfortable as it has been for I wrote it..hope you will always

Ah, God & I, My God!

Ah, my relationship with God
Who has always been by my side –
Some chemistry, God only knows
What exactly it is!
It all started much before
My coming to this planet
Sometime as per Earth’s calendar
On April 01, 1960,
I was suddenly summoned
By GOD to his chambers
Without any prelude
I was delivered the news
Of my inevitable visit to Earth
Oh! What a great delight!
I just couldn’t wait.
Had always loved earth.
So beautiful, glowing always,
Couldn’t comprehend
It could be so fragmented
God asked me to follow him
Inside a divinely decorated room
Clapped his hands and suddenly
Out of nowhere appeared
Four glass windowed closets
Each closet had a label on it
Starting from the closet
Next to the door the four labels read:
I was really bewildered.
God looked at me
Then said, “ Pick your choice.”
Left with no other alternative,
I immediately opened the closet
With the label
BIG MIND BIG HEART Right choice, or so I felt
But I was utterly disappointed
And amazed to find it
empty. I protested. God smiled and said,
“This is a rare combination for
Rare souls who are sent for some
Very specific missions by me,
Not for you my child ”.
And I remembered Gandhi,
Mother Teresa, Martin Luther King
Nelson Mandela…and a few more..
Yes, taking it in my stride,
With great reluctance, I made a
While opening that closet
I looked at God who had a very
Meaningful smile with a kind
Of an expression
Difficult to explain, so I won’t.
And I don't know why I didn't
Pick up the other choice of
Big Mind Small Heart..
As the years passed by,
I found that my small mind
Had its own limitations to think
And I often landed in trouble
One fine evening when I sat
Quietly watching sunset,
My eyes shed a couple of tears
A small child touched my hand
And asked, “ What happened?
Why are you crying?”
I knew that revealing my problems
To him wouldn’t really mean much
But then I had someone to share with
So, I told him how my small mind
Was incapable of thinking beyond
I explained how
That was affecting my whole life.
After listening to me with total
Attention and concentration of
An adult that little child smiled and said,
“Then why don’t you think
From your heart?
Won’t it compensate
For the limitations of the mind?”
Just one simple sentence, that!
The words struck me
It was correct that I had a
Much bigger heart, which mostly
Remained unused due to my
Own ignorance
I looked at that child
Slowly walking away.
The smile on his face looked
Very familiar to me
But I couldn’t place it immediately
Taking the wise counsel
I started thinking from the Heart
Struggle between Heart and Mind
Continues and whenever Heart wins
I celebrate, and you know
Happily so, occasions to celebrate
Are increasing manifold
And the biggest benefit, yes,
I could write poetry…thoughts from heart
Ah, coming back to that smile of the child
It was similar to God’s who had smiled
At the time of my making the choice
Ah, God & I, My God!
There’s never a feeling of
emptiness.. And I know I couldn't ever be one with
BIG HEART & BIG MIND i.e Extra Ordinary..

RS  :)


  1. Too often we think that resurrection means destruction! In fact, it may simply mean re-invention! Lovely haiku!

    And the sacred dialogue that follows is lively and an intimate reaching for our own confused tensions about the status quo of mind and heart! Simply delightful!

  2. I really liked the post :) wonderful :)

  3. 'Ah, God & I, My God!
    There’s never a feeling of emptiness.. '

    yes with Him around, emptiness stays away.

  4. We're rarely empty when we go into ourselves and find what's really in there.
    A very true eco-message in the haiku. Nice one.

  5. Nicely done! Wonderful post! =)


  6. ah, Rameshji.. why am I feeling you do more justice to a theme in three lines than in thirty? :) the haiku was very nicely done, though u needn't have put the syllable count alongside..!

    and yes, spirituality does make emptiness feel empty :) good take :D you have mastered the art quite well and quite quick too..! stick to more haikus n humor ;) :D lol.

  7. Thanks everyone for your comments.. it emboldens..

    @Leo.. Feeling is mutual.. I may not be able to stop writing lengthier poems.. but will reduce the lenght considerably.. and yes, I think I am enjoying Haikus a lot.. have written plenty in past few days.. but prompts restrict..anyways have added one more.. Thanks Leo.. you were the one to guide me..

  8. Rameshji...I whole heartedly agree with Leo. I love your Haikus...especially the humorous ones.

  9. Rameshji, why do u want to restrict urself to prompts? :) if u want to write more haikus, do them on any topic of your choice :D

  10. True Rameshji. A big mind and a big heart is rare to find.
    But I must say...that your 109 lines poem with 563 words took a while to read and digest.
    Love the Haikus better.

  11. Well Nanka.. Thanks for the effort. I hadn't counted..but then you did well, advice well taken.. as I have already said..

  12. A standing ovation for this poem !!! Nothing more to say ! god blessed you well :)

  13. loved the haiku...esp the second one. Thanks for sharing.

  14. as love will refill what was empty before. Great writing indeed ! Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  15. I really like the haiku-- here's to the cockroaches and rats!

  16. I give you the coveted Jingle Award for Most Elegant Blogger this week! You can pick it up at

  17. Oh Thanks a lot Christine.. My first Award, this! I am delighted.. Most Elegant Blogger of the Week ... wow it sound so good..with lovely feeling.. thanks..

  18. A freind and a well wisher sent this message on Face Book for this post.. sharing with all here..


    :)) ...As always .. your post brought a smile to my face ...

    My take on the issue ?...

    I believe .. rather my good heart and my tiny mind believes ... that the process of our soul's evolution happens lifetime after lifetime through timely resurrections in the following order ....

    First God gives you ... a small Heart and a Big Mind ;
    Then if u qualify he gives you .... a small Heart and a small Mind ;
    Again if u qualify he rewards you with a ... a Big Heart and a small Mind
    And finally my friend if u qualify and pass HIS 'Tough Tests'... a Big HEART and a Big MIND is ALL YOURS .... :)) .... U are ONE with HIM !! ...HURRAY !!

    Therefore Rejoice DEAR FRIEND ... U are SOOO CLOSE .... Congratulations !!! "


    Thanks a lot for this beautiful interpretation.. you have given it a much greater meaning.. and indeed you are few steps ahead of me.. well.. keep encouraging. Thanks again..

  19. the heart is a most beautiful organ that beats to the rhythm beyond our comprehension... could we possibly stop and start the breath within us... it is a most comforting place next to my father who wills the stars to stand in place....lost and found

  20. Ramesh Sir....a beautiful poem with a much deeper meaning...and yes the friend of yours on Fb has elaborated the meaning for a better understanding...really we all have to give this test to our dear God who in turn keep rewarding us thru his blessings time and again....and eventually the best gift given to few... BIG MIND BIG HEART. :-)