Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Hit on the Heart, Thank God!

Written for OSI Prompt : Pensive
And 3WW Prompts: Abstain, Prayer, Halo
Haiku for Haiku Heights: Festival

A Hit on the Heart, Thank God!

What a beckoning prompt
'Pensive’, reading itself
Made my heart pensive
As I began to reflect
What could I write to give
Respect to this thinking prompt
So thought to let it be something
From every day experience
It needed deep contemplation
To pick up what was it
That happened
Frequently, because of my
Habit of thinking
From the heart..
Ah, yes one thing stood out
My heart had been getting hit
Consistently, day in
And day out… everyday
Earlier the pain would
Stop me in my tracks
As I would hide in some
Dark corner to curse
My past and of course
Everyone from there
But then recently it happened
I was having my daily chat
With God while in prayer,
Most of the times
He only listens and on very
Rare occasions, responds too
So on that rare morning
When I talked with Him
About the tolerable pain
I had been suffering due to
Many a hit on my heart,
Because I always
Thought from heart,
In spite of the world around
Telling me to abstain
From this habit that provoked
Minds to hit out..
God listened to me
And gave me a Mantra,
Very profound, no wonder
Such profundity could come
Only from God
So picking up my lesson
From that morning’s miracle
Whenever my heart gets hit
I tell myself loudly enough
So as to make
My soul too listen
“A hit on the heart
Thank God, yet another
Karmic debt repaid...”
I do wonder, then
When the whole debt
Gets repaid, will the heart
Bloom or just stop
Well that will have to be
Experienced with time
For God refuses to tell
And indeed deserves to keep
The secret & some suspense
To make life more
Interesting for us humans
And one can keep wondering
Pensively or cheerfully
The way one wants to..
But one thing is certain
After using the Mantra
I am feeling a lot better
And it’s not a halo claim..


Haiku for Haiku Heights

Cheerful and Joyous
Happily dancing in my heart
Thoughts in festive mood!

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  1. Some deep soul searching here. Nicely done.

  2. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    Daily reflections help us to improve ourselves.As always,thought provoking verses.Each of your posts teach me something.
    Yes,festive mood is everywhere.
    Wishing you a lovely evening,

  3. i like this walk through yr day in prayer and what it brought you...

  4. BTW, Rameshji, I find Paulo Coelho completely unreadable. His philosophy is too simplistic. The Alchemist was one of the worst books I read.

    The books you mentioned on my blog have been read long ago. If you explore my blog, you will see that I am very evolved in my reading. I can read out of my comfort zone rather very easily.

  5. Poetry is an opening to the heart and soul, and I think you've reflected that reflection here. Great work.

    The World of Lost Souls

  6. yes Rameshji the Power of prayer coming straight from the heart-

  7. This is really great poem Ramesh :)

  8. Thanks a lot everyone for your visit and encouragement..

    @ Gautami.. wrote on your page.. hope you saw it..
    @Welcome back Marinela.. so happy to see you here.. hope your hoilday at Albania was as wonderful as your poems..

  9. Thank you for sharing your journey with us.

  10. the capacity to think from the heart is a rare gift. your poems reflect this and are so deeply nourishing. thank you.

  11. Nice take on the pensive prompt!

  12. awesomeness and applauds.. it literally is a refreshing start for a day