Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Power of Prayer - 3WW

Very intersting prompts from 3WW - Joke, Remedy & Leverage.. what could one write.. Well, here's my take.. Before the main poem an attempt on Haiku.. here..

Give me leverage
And my jokes would kill
Without remedy..

The Power of Prayer

A carnivorous Lion
Suddenly found a Zebra
In front of him
Wow, what a colourful
Herbivore feast!
Lion was ecstatic
Fear gripped Zebra
Nowhere to go
With feet stuck
He looked for some remedy
In the difficult situation
Nothing..with thick shrubs
On both sides
Knew won’t be able to
Beat the lion
Even if chose to run
Finding life in absolute danger
Prayed to God for some leverage
“What a joke!”, lion laughed
So arrogant and haughty
Had to be, for
He was king of the Jungle
That’s when a bullet
Pierced through
The middle of his shining eyes
And then another, and another
Ah! Couldn’t ever understand
The power of prayer
That’s how the weak
Survive and keep going…


  1. Powerful words with great imagery.
    Excellently done.

  2. Beautifully written!! Very simple but extremely powerful...
    Simply loved the last three lines of the poem...

    "The power of prayer
    That’s how the weak
    Survive and keep going…"

    Have a great week ahead!!

  3. Love this poem. Simple words, beautiful flow, great imagery, real wisdom.

    I think it should be introduced in school textbook.

  4. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    I was anxious to see how you would end the poem;amazing,friend.
    I regain my positive spirits at your space.Thank you so much.
    What Harshadji told is correct.Students will love to recite the poem.
    Prayer keeps me going!
    Wishing you a peaceful night,

  5. Thanks all my friends for encouraging me with your inspiring comments..

    @Harshadji - My God, this would be the best ever compliment I got on my blog till date.. So happy for this, it only shows your largesse..generosity and kindness of your heart.. yes, it would inspire me to move forward and keep trying with whatever life has given me with God often adding his bit.. Thank You.

    @Anu..What a kind heart you have and the title you gave me.. well 'Pyara Dost' will continue to do his has been pretty like life should be.. One knows happiness only by knowing sadness..keep inspiring..Will our paths cross ever..God is smiling..

  6. I lost touch with God.. but after reading it I remembered how m prayers gave me strength and how they kept be on the right path.. I'll pray again.


  7. Vivid language and heartfelt -- thank you for sharing.

  8. Wow...That was a simple-y beautiful poem triggering thoughts ! I loved the 'power' thats instilled in the poem , especially in the last 3 lines ! :)

  9. I really love your Haiku...your words so true Ramesh! The best in prayer when everything seems to crumble!

    and your bonus poem, reminds me of my son's story of cross breeding a zebra and lion, and came out a big big cat!

  10. lovely haiku :D Rameshji, do join us at Haiku Heights meme then, if u r trying haiku.. that was very intriguing..

    regards the prayer, yeah.. a prayer is very powerful indeed... i liked the imagery and the words.. :)

  11. Loved the surprise in the second poem...

    I especially appreciate this line:

    >>>So arrogant and haughty
    Had to be, for
    He was king of the Jungle <<<

    Have heard people use excuses such as this for being arrogant (without merit, most of the times, I think...)

  12. Lord,
    And I lay my head back down...
    And I lift my hands and pray...
    To be only yours.. I pray...
    To be only yours I know now You're my only hope...

  13. what an imagination....and so true...a prayer has immense truly helps the weak survive...inspired!!!

  14. What a great tale woven from the prompt! Really neat!

  15. Love this wonderful poem. True words, beautiful flow with such wisdom. Thanks so much for linkig with Potluck, wonderful to have you there :) x

  16. Wonderful yet simplistic example of prayer at it's best, loved the tale the ending is awesome!

  17. Nicely done. It is a great illustration of how being humble can overcome arrogance.


  18. Love this poem.It makes me feel more loving