Monday, September 27, 2010

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Before the main title here's a haiku, written for Haiku Heights Prompt: Sacred ( 2)

Sun, the only one
Without a darker side, God's
Sacred creation..

Written for OSI Prompt Monument(2)

A Monument of Broken Dreams

Now that I turn in to
A monument of broken dreams
Stand beside me & smile
As you will get clicked
To become a raving news
Overnight, let people find us
Smiling together at least once,
You for obvious reason
Of standing in front of camera
As the architect of the
And I for having
Finally become something
Of note, to be written about...

The only thing I felt good about such a monument is that it
would never get a chance to be called ancient ever, for its life is too short
as new dreams would be plucked from the skies of imagination..

I have added this inspired by what Harshadji mentioned in his comment..



  1. Thanks for sharing your work with us..
    your poetry is a delicious treat..
    Happy Monday!

  2. In the sun, atoms
    Burning in a great furnace:
    Sacred sacrifice.


  3. Great work, full of depth and meaning.

    "A monument of broken dreams" ~ Love that.

  4. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Morning!
    I loved the caption!
    But you and broken dreams won't go together!
    I would always like to see you as a cheerful person on positive notes!:)
    Well expressed poem!
    Since yesterday night,it's raining heavily!So the SUN is not bright!
    Wishing you a beautiful week ahead,

  5. Lovely lines...I really like the imagery in your words. Lovely poem.

  6. I added your poem at OSI. Thank you!

  7. Thanks Sandy, I understand..It's a good feeling..

  8. Words from a heart. Can feel it.

    Well, every monument is momentary and has to go with time. This bigger picture in mind makes pain less painful.

    Lots of love. I like your poems.

  9. how memories and history merge in such a photo...both become one...lovely thought!

  10. A great tribute to the sacred sun in the beautiful Haiku form of Poetry.

  11. A monument of broken dreams.. how many times we have smiled besides the beauty of such monuments never realizing the hidden pain associated with it..

  12. Sun without a darker side.. hmm, interesting :) nice one, R'ji!

  13. Lovely Monument and Sacred thoughts..

    --Someone Is Special--

  14. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Morning!
    I used to comment for your posts but they do get deleted within five minutes;it happens in the blogs of my other friends.So,I am trying now copy and paste.
    Sun,yes,the sacred creation.I remember my Achan[Father]praying to Sun GOD early in the morning when the sun rises and he always used to chant the sacred shlokas.
    Who knows the feelings of the architect while doing the creation?He must be fulfilling his dreams,giving shape to the monument.Together the monument and artichet are complete.
    Lovely lines,dost!
    Wishing you a beautiful day ahead,