Saturday, September 18, 2010

My 100th Post of 2010 for OSI & HH

Written for

Haiku Heights Prompt: Bliss
OSI Prompt: Joie De Vivre


Rose opens up and
Butterfly sips happiness
Wow, what a bliss!

Added Later:

Flowers' morning talk
Butterflies blissfully listen to
Naughty secrets..


My Joie de vivre

Sun on the horizon
Just lifts up its face to
Look around, before
Climbing up the wall

Petals of rose
Gather in a huddle
Wishing good luck
Before opening up

Hugging blades of grass
Dew drops pray together
Before getting wiped out
By making feet wet

Birds leave their nests
Say hello to each other
Hopping from tree to tree
Before exploring the day

Cheery breeze
Carries & spreads aroma
Of half baked dreams
Before teasing damsel’s hair

Tall trees with humility
Bow their heads
Greeting nature’s splendor
Before shunning dry leaves

Lilies beckon and
Butterflies dance
Before children’s little fingers
Passionately Pursue them

Gleaming sun rays
Touch my face
Whispering in my ears
‘Have a happy day!’

That’s how it begins
Every morning; and life smiles
Ah, my joy of living
My Joie de vivre…


  1. Love the image of a butterfly sipping happiness!

    And the first rays of morning colours and sounds do ignite a joie de vivre impulse!

  2. Very nice poems. I especially love the Joie de vivre!


  3. I too like the image of 'sipping happiness'. Maybe we enjoy it more if we're not greedy.

  4. Wonderful rendering of morning. Joyful.

  5. ah, that butterfly surely must be feeling happy :) nice haiku, R'ji..! :)

    and yeah, the morning does seem so blissful too :D joiedevivre.. well said! :)

  6. cute haiku Ramesh!

    and beautiful things that give you joie de vivre!

  7. Wow! What a Ku! :)
    Reading your poems is true joie de vivre!

  8. True blissful happiness for the butterfly!! And what a happy read for us all!! Lovely poems both :)

  9. I loved the butterfly sipping happiness. Beautifully done on both poems.

  10. I like all the fresh images! They're just unusual enough to make the poem pop.

  11. I'm with the butterflies: I like to listen to naughty secrets too!

    Candied Apple Bliss

  12. What a joy it must be seeing life through your eyes.

    Please have a good new week.

    daily athens

  13. What happy and uplifting poems...Joie de vivre, indeed! They all made my heart smile. :~)

  14. Good happy verses!

    As another teacher I relate to this!

    about fish, chips, nothing much else

    And do get aboard the Poetry Train every Monday mornings and thereafter!

  15. Life is utterly gorgeous. All. The. Way. Around. Spectacular. Thanks.

  16. Thanks a lot every one.. your feedback only adds to my Joie De Vivre.. Lets continue to Practice Happiness.. day after day..

  17. loved the 2nd haiku...your joy of living has given me great joy...back to i miss those carefree days of childhood...i was a part of nature then!

  18. now that's a beautiful sunrise!!

  19. Flowers' morning talk
    Butterflies blissfully listen to
    Naughty secrets..

    I can't stop smiling !! sooper :)

    PS : many comments of mine do not get published on your page, don't know what to do. coz i do read you more than i comment !

  20. Awesome take on the prompt! =)


  21. Nicely said. Loved the second haiku especially.

  22. Pyaara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    So,both of us wrote on the mesmerising feelings of MORNING!What a coincidence!:)
    Enjoyed the poem on happiness!Just turn to nature and even the blades of grass shining with the dew drops fill our hearts with peace and delight!
    Wishing you all the happiness and peace,

  23. Wow.. this is blissfull...
    jus like a perfect morn..
    a perfect day....

  24. The is a beautiful musical and whimsical quality to this that i find endearing

  25. Ramesh your Haiku is lovely..... talk amongst flowers with naughty little secrets? So cute what a great way to start my morning.There is another Wednesday Haiku at "You know... that blog," I would love to see you there.

  26. First of all, Heartiest Congratulations on your 100th post for 2010, Ramesh!! That's quite a feat!!

    Your Haikus and poem were utterly blissful and refreshing!! I felt like I were smelling a sweet morning breeze myself!
    Reading these piece was a real delight!

    Thank you so much for linking these beautiful poems with poetry potluck.. we are extremely glad to have you here! And I hope you had/are still having a fantastic potluck!!
    Take care..

    Looking forward to read many many more from you.. :)

  27. Ramesh, I do believe that nature has blessed you with many happy days!
    Congratulations on the 100th!
    Keep up the good work. :)

  28. Congrats for the 100th one and the haiku takes a bow from me.. really superb.

  29. Wow Wow Wow!! Congrats on your accomplishment! Your poems are wonderful- the images are goregeously written. I love the second haiku and the idea that the flowers would be involved in gossip.