Sunday, September 5, 2010


Written for OSI Prompt : Choices

Devil’s Laughter is the Loudest

“Oh, you are shocked,
I know because you
Can’t find your opposite-self
In the mirror, yes, the other day
He stepped out quietly
And merged with you,
I saw it happening
Hiding under the transparent
Sheets of my own illusions
And from that day onwards
I am not able to meet
The real you, your opposite

Keeps on smiling through you
I don’t return his smile
Because I shouldn’t…
Won’t he feel pampered
When the real you is hiding
Behind him somewhere
One day it will happen
Mirror will take him back
And you will return to our world
Hey, you said his world?
Who is interested in anything good

And beautiful In today’s world,
Devil’s laughter is the loudest..”

The voice faints, and
I wake up with a sudden jolt
Sweating, what’s that..
A devil having taken over me
Whom I had been able to keep silent
In the darkened Depths
of my inner space for years,
Right from the time
I learnt to think, no,
Wouldn’t let my effort fail
With eyes close I sit in prayer
Invoking God to help
The Seer in me again take over
For that’s my calling,
My choice, out of opposite choices
Devil’s laughter may be the loudest
But it’s the smile of the seer
In which lie the roots of
My joy, comfort, and peace
And I know, my happiness lies
In my skill, of keeping the devil
Constantly quiet and still,
Sometimes I may fail, but let those
Occasions be absolutely rarer,
God, let the seer keep smiling!


Move ahead, turn back
Or stay where you are, ah!
Life's myriad choices..



  1. In the present scenario, most people choose the devil..

    A real pity..

  2. Powerful words. We must always make the choice to keep it at bay.

  3. Well said. Do no evil and good will follow.

  4. You know what's curious, I just read a short story with this kind of premise (mirrors and all) yesterday... I like the way you took the prompt, reminded me of that. :)

  5. This made me feel glad to be alive. Thank you. Please have a good start into the new week.

    daily athens

  6. Powerful words! Keep on smiling! =)


  7. Oh, that conversation! It can be a struggle. Beautiful post.

  8. What is this? Confusion, yes, but to let the devil prevail? It's a wrong choice!

    The last line is inspiring!

    Nice poem Ramesh!

  9. Such discerning minds visiting, reading, thinking and commenting.. in Roberts words.. this makes me glad to be alive and writing.. and be a part of this lovely world of thoughts.. till last year this moment.. this was all unknown to me.. and today.. its an inseparable part of my daily life..Thank you all!

  10. I sense most people know these various parts of themselves. wonderful idea for your poem.

  11. Very clever revealing of the internal conflict. Has a musical quality to it.

  12. Those were both excellent- yes Life is a compilation of the myriad of choices we face each day, isn't it? Love the lines "My joy, comfort, and peace
    And I know, my happiness lies
    In my skill, of keeping the devil
    Constantly quiet and still,"....sometimes this is harder to do than other times.

  13. Intriguing exploration of choices and how we evolve. Very nice.

  14. You certainly evoke the power of choice and the internal struggle within. Nicely written.

  15. An inner tug of war we can all relate to. Excellent!

  16. Sometimes I'll hear people say that they didn't have a choice. I think what they usually mean is they took the less difficult option.

    Thanks for sharing your insights, Ramesh.

    Best wishes.

  17. Who can understand the dreams of a confused mind?
    I would love have your poet's dream as I like the
    nonsensical feelings that can't happen awake.

  18. Hello,
    Your prompt, monument, comes up at OSI this week. Please send me your poem by tomorrow.

  19. OMG! I'm speechless really! How beautifully you've carved this poem with the right choice of thoughts! I wish my Haiku did half the justice you have done to this theory! Very beautiful Ramesh ji...

    "I saw it happening
    Hiding under the transparent
    Sheets of my own illusions"

    My fav lines... and the most true of all!