Wednesday, September 29, 2010

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Written for 3WW Prompts:
Imminent, Engulf, Tamper

An Imminent Rain of Happiness

Hey, doesn’t matter if
In moments of weakness
A guiltless mind gets stronger
And an overconfident you
Tamper with truth,
One thing is certain
Webs of doubt will engulf
Your shining soul, slowly
But surely leading to an
Imminent fall of self –esteem
How long will you
Camouflage the fear in heart
With a smile on face
Ah, how will you get your
Eyes on your side
Who would reflect the pain
Of a heart, that prefers to
Listen to thin yet clear
Voice of soul, well
Finally, mind will have to
Shake hands with heart
To help soul shine
With light engulfing
Your whole being…
Resulting in an
Imminent rain of happiness

With you letting the truth
Reveal itself in all its glory

May God help man
Refrain from tampering truth ever
Let no moments weaken His
Greatest creation..



  1. I agree with your ideas. The mind can tamper with the ease that the heart and soul emit, throwing our energy into a downward spiral. You are right to remind us to put our attention on our clear voice of soul.

    I just found the 3WW site, and am exploring the posts linked to it.

  2. Nice. Everyone up to you and me after you, we all agree with disaster as the theme of the three words.

    You are the first to add a positive outcome.

    You remind me of my old friend Al who used to say, "Have a great day, unless you don't want to."

  3. positivity is a beautiful thought and surely an imminent rain of happiness...:)

    I like how you rendered this prompt, all about happiness, while all the rest that I have read are either sad, or dark!

    It's like seeing things in a much better way, right? Making black colorful and bright... :)

  4. A lovely and positive 3WW, I really liked it :o)

  5. Nice poem there :)
    smart multiple use of the words :)
    and yes i somehow believe the truth no matter how harsh is any day better than lies or dishonesty

  6. Amazing use of words!

  7. Your positive take and positivity are infectious. Love and Light, Sender