Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Dreams Don't Bother About Status

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Dreams Don't Bother About Status

He read the invitation
Again, again and again
Oh, how nice he felt
Head over heels
He wanted to be there
But the evening was at a distance
Few more hours to go
And his thoughts drifted
Would she be there?
He grew wings and
Went soaring in to
His own world of fantasy
Today, he would propose
And her ‘Yes’ would be
The most soothing music
To his ears, wasn't that a

Yearning for eons ..
Wedding would be solemnized
In royal settings, she was
His princess, a fairy and deserved
All the attention and appeasement
And that's when

The clock struck 1200 hrs
Crackling sound
Brought him back
To the real world
Invitation card glittered
He lifted it again with a smile
Looked closely at his name
Oh, what was that?
It wasn’t his name
Only initials were same
Lying in his tethered clothes
On the side of the footpath
He looked around
The card had reached him
Nudged and pushed
By a naughty wind
Ahh, a feast consisting of
Italian delicacies followed
By a peg of robust wine
In august company of charming
Women, with his beloved around
Would remain a dream
Yet he smiled, a thought
Comforted him
He and the richest could have
The similar fantasies,
Same shining dreams....
Dreams don't bother about status
They are beautiful birds
Of thoughts with coloured wings
Willing to nestle in any mind
Seeking only one promise
“Nurture us with all your love
……..turn us in to reality...”

Yes, he too would nurture them
And he looked up making
A promise to his departing soul
As a stranger’s hand
Closed his frozen eyes…

While I wrote a sad end beccause that too happens with people, but just thought and would like to add that a positive end to the poem could be..

...He looked up making
A promise to himself
To pursue his dream by

Transforming his life with effort,
Supported by daily prayer...

While happier endings look always better but do let me have your views....


  1. Thank you for stopping by at my Place by the Fire; I hope you enjoyed my stories. I love the title of this piece especially!

  2. Like you I have a hard time relating to your subject matter. I'm not much for poetry or pros but I can recognise interesting imagery when I read it . Very nicely done.

  3. sir i couldnt grasp the last line.. can u explain me,..?

  4. i see the twist of fate as his eyes were closed by strangers hand!!Nice portrayal.

  5. @Raji..

    What Swapnap has said.. a twist of fate.. a promise to his departing soul... Read it once more Raji, and you will get it..

  6. It transported me to a place unknown where one can be somebody but could only realize it later, it was never a reality!

    The ending is just sad!

  7. The soul lies there when dreams wants to be nurtured into reality and I truly believe in the happy ending coz if you gotta dream you gotta protect it, nurture it.
    This surely is a finest poem I have ever read about dreams and yes why should a dream care about status, it's purpose is to achieve it.

  8. Happier endings look good..Lovely poem

  9. Thanks a lot every one here to visit and grace the post with your comments..

  10. In general I like happier endings, but here, the sad one fits in better. Lovely poem, lovely message.
    You used the three prompt words very well.

  11. Love the sentiment and message in this!! Well penned xox

  12. the flow of the poem is truly marvelous =D wonderfully written!

  13. Rameshji,
    This is mind blowing..!!
    Love, dreams, illusions, loss, death.. so many dimensions the reader is made to travel though..

    very well written- like a complete story- words weaving tale beyond the "written" words..

    Loads of wishes- :)

  14. I was completely lost in the dream myself until i reached the closing lines . so touching .. what a cruel joke ! sigh ! amazing write .. Thanks for linking this on ym page to check !