Saturday, September 4, 2010

Haiku Heights - Prompt: Beauty

Opposite steps
Out of the mirror, shattering
The myth of beauty


Melting clouds vanish
Moon walks on town’s wet roads
Splashing beauty


  1. Both are beautiful.

    Love towns wet roads.

  2. moon walks... that is a visionaries eye

  3. melting clouds, moon walks,..
    they are stunning beauty...

    loved your entry.

    My Beauty Entry

  4. Ramesh. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    My favorite line is "Moon walks on Town's wet roads." This is lovely. Your poems are quite lyrical and this is what I love the most.


  5. I really enjoyed the imagery in both haikus...I also love the line "Moon walks on town’s wet roads." Beautifully done.

  6. Moon walks on town’s wet roads
    Splashing beauty ....
    Spreading radiance...
    And whispering in theses ears,
    Walk on...
    Live on...

  7. each has it's own take on beauty but they clearly are connected. I love the second best tho, the moons light on the wet roads.... "Splashing beauty" so original!

  8. loved the second one...the moon is a wonderful topic for poetry...why don't you add music if you like it so's really easy...I could help you thru it!...:)

  9. Two very different takes on the prompt, Ramesh! :-) I especially liked the second haiku: it really put me there, watching the moonlight shining off puddles. I could even hear the splashing. So nicely done!

  10. It's about time the myth of beauty is shattered ;) - good one.

    Absolutely loved the second one, moon walking on wet road... Brilliant!