Saturday, November 13, 2010

First Anniversary of My Blog...

Hello Friends,

Clock struck 12 midnight and date in India shifted to November 14, 2010 and A LITTLE MORE THAN ORDINARY got ready to celebrate its First Annivesary..
Lucky that the anniversary fell on the day eagerly awaited i.e. Sunday, the OSI and Haiku Heights Day.. This space has become kind of a sacred space for me which so many angels visit to see, feel, think, share, tell, smile, laugh, stare, touch leaving behind aroma of their presence.. which emboldens me to keep going.. I reiterate..the thoughts spread here may be taking birth in my heart but belong not to me alone..I keep spilling the flow and God takes care of providing some shape or meaning.. for me its a kind of meditation and I just find myself lost in another world which is very know it because I have met you people too often there.. well.. pushed by a friend, I untwined myself from the threads of reluctance that had tied me after publishing my maiden book under the same title in 2002 for restricted circulation..and this web-page was born..which is being nurtured by your love..WITH THANKS TO MY FRIEND VIKAS, WHO PUSHED ME..AND TO YOU ALL WHO HAVE BEEN GIVING THEIR VALUABLE COMMENTS , I place my humble contributions for OSI and Haiku Heights..

OSI: Echoes & Haiku Heights: Silk

Echoes of childhood
Stem from a silky moon
Untold stories shine

For OSI Prompt : Echoes

I Shout Out Happiness..

Echoes stemming from future..
Is it some mistake here
Often one talks about
Echoes stemming from past
But then for me it had to be different..
Past had been vast,
With webs created out
Of myriad happenings..
Some wonderful, some wounded
A few happy & joyful,
Others holding perpetual pain
Having passed through
Friendly alleys, forbidden
Streets and stranger roads
One feels comfortable
Traversing the past
For one is aware, knows
What truly lies there
And, welcomes any
From those familiar corners
But then, whenever
Present is a bit discomforting,
Irritating like a dangling
Button on my shirt
I prefer to envision a
Lot more beautiful life
Slowly emerging from
My own dreams,
Getting skillfully carved
By an unseen future
Where I often visit, and
Standing erect
On the highest point
Of my own depths
I shout out happiness..
Echoes make my
Inner space vibrate
Heart skips a beat or few
In excitement, mind
As always a little doubtful
Tries to stay focused
On sounds from the past
But those quietly sink
As echoes stemming from
A Happier future
Start weaving their magic
Present beyond any doubts
Feels good and happy
Pretty soothing & comfortable,
Exactly the way one feels in
A nicely buttoned up old shirt
Warm and soft to the skin,
While walking on a wintry street
Soul singing in tune
Resonating perfectly with magical
Echoes stemming from future….



  1. Love your silky haiku! Congrats on your first year of blogging.

  2. Behave as if you already are your wish-come-true. These words seem to resonate with your poem so beautifuuly stated in echoes that stem from the future. Like paying it forward, or walking in faith, or sitting inside the laughter of angels and soaking their energy into your skin, your poem leaves the soul lighter and brighter, your words having touched it with the brush of an artist-dreamer.

  3. Congrats on your first year of blogging, you have done great creative work here , love your poetry :)
    All the best
    Marinela x x

  4. Congratulations Ramesh! I'm a new visitor to your realm and take delight in your poetry. Those silky moons are wonderful.

  5. Rameshji...

    Wonderful Haiku that remind me of many things..

    Lovely poem for echo...

    And the most special for the day is your anniversary or your first birthday.. Wonderful post for that.. I loved it..

    Happy Children's Day

    --Someone Is Special--

  6. Congratulations on the anniversary! Your poems are always a joy to read. I especially liked today's haiku.


  7. A big congratulations on completing the first year of your blog, I trust it has been a wonderful, poetically profound journey!
    Thank you for sharing your wonderful work with us, over the year..

    Loved your take on the prompt for this week... your words are always framed delightfully, and conjures myriad images that make for an enthralling read..

  8. Hearty congratulations on completion of your first year of sharing on Blog highly creative and brilliant poems, thoughts & haiku.

    I look forward to a good book of your selected posts.

    Your Haiku today is superb.

    God bless you.

  9. This is lovely! It's wonderful to know that you are content in the present, in spite of the odds, and that you are confident of more good to experience in the future.

    Congratulations on completion of a year in the blog world. Keep writing, and sharing.

  10. Well done for it all - haiku, poem and your first year. Blogging is a good place to be.

  11. wonderful words...congratulations for your time here!

  12. First, congratulations on your one year blogoversary! Such a misletone worthy to be celebrated!

    And yeah, I must be one of the angels, who comes visiting when she has the luxury of time, but more often than not, fails to do maybe a fallen angel, lols!

    Your echo poem is soothing but when the present echo is more than one can behold, yeah, it is but nice to go back in time and feel the good times we have had in the past which constantly make wonderful echoes!

    Superb take Ramesh!

    Again, Happy One year anniversary...continue and keep penning your beautiful thoughts..They are inspiring to read!

  13. First congratulations on the blog anniversary :)

    Your haiku is beautiful.

    May the echoes of the future weave magic in your life, like the magic you weave with your words :)

  14. A web of 'Echoes' traversing through from the past into the future.... Myriad happenings which is a blend of happiness and joy laced with pain is skillfully carved,The finale is particularly dramatic and exciting :) stay focused,standing erect and wish you a happier future :) March on towards more anniversaries!!

  15. Beautiful Silk Haiku. Happy blogversary to you!

  16. Congratulations for completing one year of blogging here.

    Your poetry was superb. Keep writing as usual...

  17. Thanks for sharing your celebration with potluck.
    beautiful poetry.
    keep it up.

  18. A delight to read, and congrats on the first of many I hope!

  19. A delight to read, and congrats on the first of many I hope!

  20. great poem. liked the repetition of Echoes... worked themetically and visually. nice job!

  21. a very unique turnaround on "echoes" ... never thought of them from the future, but it makes sense. Enjoyed the read.

  22. Congratulations... your poetry is good. Thanks for sharing...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  23. congrats on one year indeed. great haiku!!!

  24. Beautiful Haiku and poem!! You really know to celebrate this sweet anniversary, Rameshji!! Heartiest congratulations!!

    "Irritating like a dangling
    Button on my shirt" --- what a perfect analogy!! LOVED it! :)

    "Standing erect
    On the highest point
    Of my own depths" -- this pardaox is the best way to explain how we feel at times... your words are truly magical!!
    I hope you celebrate many many such anniversaries...

  25. A lovely Haiku, I read is several times!

  26. Congrats on your year of blogging and for the happiness and creativity you have brought to so many people! I always love to read your work- you always seem so positive and hopeful- that is so good- me- not so much. Anyway- I loved both poems but these lines really stood out to me: "Soul singing in tune
    Resonating perfectly with magical
    Echoes stemming from future…."

    Here's to another year...and many more poems!!!

  27. many congrats for the anniversary and the stand out 'echoes'

  28. Anupama said...

    Pyaara Dost,
    Well expressed thoughts!
    Hearty Congrats on your first blog anniversary.
    Correlation to life is amazing!
    Wishing you a relaxing holiday,

  29. silky moon is romantic,
    well done Haiku.

    i am late for silk entry:

    thanks for reading mine.