Sunday, November 7, 2010

An Eternity Hides in a Moment of Silence

Written for One Single Impression Prompt: Pause

Haiku first :)

Earth thinks of taking
a pause, Moon pushes, Sun pulls
and She continues..

An Eternity Hides in a Moment
of Silence

The flower, anticipating
Something interesting, slowly
Began to unfold
A rainbow coloured
Butterfly, fluttering her wings
Circled around it,
Paused and with a twinkle
Went away, perhaps
Following her intuition
That one pause
Might have changed
Her life forever..
Along with flower’s
And I wonder

Hasn't my life too been
Changing the same way
Every day…each moment
Sometimes because
I am able to take a pause
And other times for
Failing to do so

And then a thought troubles
Yet helps to understand
How an eternity hides itself
Just in a moment of silence
One needs to only contemplate

If after millions of years
Earth decides to take a pause…
Ramifications would be abound
Yet what worries
The thinker in me is not that

World may go topsy tervy,
But what would happen
To the words shimmering here
Will they all fall and hang
In some darkened space

I am feeling scared
May God let me take a pause
And help me shun exploring darkness

In the gap , I may find light..…


  1. This is so very deep. I think every committed writer thinks as such at times.

  2. You certainly do bring up some profound thoughts. Very nicely penned.


  3. I like the haiku. All move together yet apart.

  4. Pyara Dost,
    Good Evening!
    The haiku was very interesting.
    Diwali celebration goes on.And I'm sure teh light of hope,joy and prosperity has already entered your life!
    Wishing you a beautiful night,

  5. An Eternity Hides in a Moment
    of Silence

    enjoyed both haiku & poem. Made me pause for a moment.

  6. Both the haiku and the longer poem are delightfully deep, full of truths. Thank you.

  7. Deep thoughts... moving piece. Got me even before the read, with just the title.

  8. Please excuse me, but

    wow !

    A good start into the new week.

    daily athens

  9. you write your poem covering the natures and butterfly beautifully..loved your poetic skill :)

  10. i love the perfect synchronization of the earth, stars, moon and sun.. and so poetically you have pronounced their existence... it is good to think deep abt one's position.. in the light or in the darkness... i like that... and where should i be but for a god who is all... caesura

  11. you write cute Haikus.
    well done.

  12. Let us go there and find that light. We crave it so.

  13. May you find that light! Nice one!

  14. its scary if earth decides to pause even for one minute- will it drop from the sky? very well thought of here ramesh..

  15. Your poems are always so heartfelt and beautifully written. This is no exception. Great work!!!

  16. Earth Taking a pause
    What a hypothesis!
    Very well thought & brought.
    Thanks for sharing.

  17. I like them both! You Haiku is darling and lighthearted! Your poem is sensitive and self exploring the last 3 lines are marvelous!

  18. Your haiku is stunning. I enjoyed your long poem as well. The concept of the earth pausing is something to contemplate! Nicely written.

  19. That was nice Ramesh. Both were beautiful in fact.....

  20. a lovely poem, the flowers, the butterflies...and then a deep query to oneself..."God let me take a pause"

    and what if?

    Ramesh your words are amazing!

  21. I enjoyed it very much and the title is perfect.. so simply and sweetly written...

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  22. Loved the haiku...nice use of the prompt..
    The other one is very deep indeed...
    I loved it :)

  23. lovely poems
    just a moment of silence

  24. Brilliant work! Deep thinker, bringing the deep up to the surface - turning a pause into something wondrous and huge, then scaring yourself and shrinking it back down to a pause again. I love this. Also the way you caught the breath between earth and moon - you made the pulse visible and palpable.

  25. I think you are in love with nature.Beautiful poems endorsing nature :)

  26. nice...each decision, concious or other wise to pause or not changes the ripples in teh stream...

  27. some deep thoughts in this poem...i love the last line

    and i liked your haiku a lot!

  28. Your loonger poem is very good, so full of self-examination, but that haiku was teriffic!

    Nice One Shot, Ramesh!

  29. Can relate to your second poem—found it deep & expressed well. However, I'm partial to the haiku and how the lines interact in few sounds. cheers

  30. Dear Ramesh
    Its nice to visit this again through 'One Shot'.

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

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  32. "in the gap, I may find light..." - so beautiful.

    The image of the words falling and's a haunting image.