Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Live a Life of a Mortal : 3WW

Written for 3WW: Kernel, Wield , Abrupt

Adding a Haiku , wasn't able to create one instantly..

Hides like a kernel
Desire to wield power, dreams
End abruptly

Live a Life of a Mortal

Hidden like a kernel
Deep inside somewhere
In the darkened spaces
Lies the secret of
The greatest weakness
Of the man,
Perceived as strength
A burning desire to
Attain and wield power
Over the weak
A pretty tempting choice
For, it gives a feel
of immortality…
Ah, to reach there
And then struggle
To find the kernel

Of such a need
In those darkened alleys
Without a glimmer
of fake light
No, I wasn’t hopeful
Whole heartedly accepted
That it was better to
Live a life of a mortal
So took the easier path
Abruptly ended
The futile quest..

And now I often wonder
Doesn’t power also lie
In not trying to be powerful..


  1. This is such a powerful and poignant poem. One of my very favorites from you. It shows a depth, but it shows the folly of man.

  2. Very well written. Very thought provoking.

    Thanks for stopping by my website too!


  3. I agree with's really thought provoking...
    Loved reading ti... :)

  4. very powerful and though provoking write... the last verses speak volumes. well written

  5. Very stirring last line, especially combine with the direction your poem was going. Nicely written!

  6. You have left us with a question to ponder:

    Doesn’t power also lie
    In not trying to be powerful..

    This is deep.

  7. it is sed "the meek shall inherit the earth" bird on a wire