Saturday, November 27, 2010

Shining Options Hid Somewhere In the Darkness of Minds..

OSI Prompt: Meld

Thanks to Patti of Creative Cottage Dreamer for such a challenging prompt. What to choose.. and I decided to let it flow what with life unfolding with almost a proverbial speed of a thought.. well Patti, hope I have done justice..

Haikus for OSI and Haiku Heights follow the poem .. do have a look

Shining Options Hid
Somewhere in the Darkness of Minds

Oh, how I wanted to be
Woven like a thread
In the cultural fiber of the place
Where I chose to dwell
But, whenever I tried to
I was pulled by some weak-hued
And that made me always wonder
Did my presence affect their sheen
Persistence being my forte
I chose a mantra -
-To address only the ‘Good’
In people, shunning the ‘Bad’ -
With the hope that my effort
Would make only the ‘Good’ shine
But then I didn’t know
That I had always been like
A thread that dangled out
Right there, yes, feeling connected
Yet vulnerable to getting snipped
And that happened as I found it
Finally after almost eons
The thread got entangled with
Some sharp proverbial thorns
Ah, to try looking at the causes
I know those and yet don’t know
Getting untwined meant
Breaking away, like a nail
Plucked from a finger, but why..
Why should the nail feel the pain
And body be indifferent, or perhaps..
As all the shining options
Hid somewhere in the darkness
Of minds who could choose to appear
Enlightened, illumined and bright
I was left with no other
Alternative but to accept the truth
That stays and needs
To be lived, truthfully
Finally learning a big lesson..
Nurturing a cactus with
Purest of waters would not change
Basic nature of a cactus, ever eager
To pinch on any attempt to hug it
Bound by its nature, of course,
Provides solace to those, who
Respect it by maintaining distance
And let it breathe all its
Thorny yet green glory..
Had I tried to trespass, don’t know
Yet I move forward with hopes of
Melding with the newer world
Pray that I should be lucky
And the weaver up there knits me
Strong and tight this one third time
As life in its true essence moves on..


And also a Haiku ..

On new moon nights
Moon melds with the stars, tries
To know them better


For OSI and Haiku Heights

The soldier swiftly
Melds with snow and shrubs
Survival Instinct..


For Haiku Heights

Beggared child, runs ,
Beats the beast for loaf of bread
Lives on instinct


  1. A great poem...
    "Nurturing a cactus with
    Purest of waters would not change
    Basic nature of a cactus, ever eager
    To pinch on any attempt to hug it
    Bound by its nature, enlightened one
    Provides solace to those, who
    Respect it by maintaining distance
    And let it breathe all its
    Thorny yet green glory.."

    These lines are too good...
    And a brilliant haiku :)

  2. Yes, it takes its own time before one is totally accepted and feels at home in different culture. Best way is not to push it. Just respect the difference.

    Excellent piece.

  3. You have beautifully painted our true existence here on earth...we want the best in life the so-called 'good' as what you've said, but more often than not, if we do good, we end up like a lost tangle or fiber of thread, fragile, and anytime maybe separated from the whole...yet, life is not like that, we continue to survive, 'survival of the fittest' so they say, and in the end, we meld with a world we wanted to...

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful poem...

    your moon and stars meld as always, you are a moon-worshiper Ramesh!!!

    Check Anya's and Nanka's guest post in my blog too!

    Thank you once again!

  4. Dear Ramesh,

    Your outpouring is beautiful, and will meld with the hearts of your tribe here on-line.

    I identify with your words, my thread has always seemed to dangle away from the rest feeling vulnerable. I have certainly got entangled with some nasty thorns in my time, but perhaps that is my perspective, perhaps I didn't appreciate the rose head!

    Thanks Sue x

  5. The last lines are well said Rameshji!!

    The wonderful forward thinking thought that you portray here is flowing as the old melds into the new modern world by God's grace!!

    The Haiku is once again a Moon based one and I echo Amity's opinion here, you really are a moon worshiper!!

  6. I agree with Sumit Sarkar. I also liked those lines. :)

    Haiku is too good. :)

  7. "moon melds with the stars"...lovely...!

  8. you always write stunning Haikus.
    magical imagery..
    well done.

    don't forget to link some of your poems to potluck tonight,
    Happy Sunday!

  9. I loved all of your Haiku but two stand out for me the last terribly sad but true no one should live being hungry the one above about the soldier is so spot on I could not help but love it!

  10. Loved the poem and the haikus - especially the first one.:)

  11. i love yr pursuit of happiness with our fellowman...colliding differences can create a chasm when one does not disarm... i wonder tho you mention the third time, i am sure there shall be more, there are a lot of thorny cactus out there... tho it is our desire to make peace with each other some of us people in a general sorta way love the fight strictly for the turmoil.. it is good to know there are others out there who strive for peace as we pass through each day...

  12. i just realized that how the survival instincts of a man can prod him to do almost anything in this world..

    and yes as you say we'll soon meld and learn

  13. Dear Ramesh
    It was good to see another version of meld and I liked it too.. thanks for sharing..

    ॐ नमः शिवाय
    Om Namah Shivaya
    Twitter: @VerseEveryDay

  14. uniquely beautiful ramesh!

  15. I like the Haiku(s). Everyone makes it look simple when it is not. Thanks, and Happy Potluck!

  16. As always, your poems are great, but that last one just breaks my heart.


  17. Your intperpretation of the prompt was amazingly done! As always you do a phenomenal job- melding metaphors and thoughts and ideas into your poems with the end result being brilliance! I think my favorite lines were: "
    But then I didn’t know
    That I had always been like
    A thread that dangled out
    Right there, yes, feeling connected
    Yet vulnerable"
    I just love that and can relate to is so. Yes- of course you did the prompt justice- thank you very much!

  18. It is all sooooooo true here, Ramesh. I feel as I've lived some of that but as I look upon your poem it seems that I have seen more than I have experienced.

    Literally I nurished a cactus garden in the West Texas desert town of El Paso. They would have grown without my watering, just not as nicely.
    Did I embrace any?

    I'm on my umpteenth hand with the melding. It is rough to change so I hope the this one sticks.
    My thin threads are out there! ;)

  19. the moon that reaches out to the stars....dreamy

  20. Loved "on new moon nights".

    Best regards, Ramesh.


  21. Your work is always from the heart, so deeply felt. Beautifully done. G

  22. Being at home is a prized feeling. A rare one, for me. Your poem touched my heart.

  23. Thank you all, your heart warming comments make my heart bloom in pleasant wonderment as it readies itself to express more and better...

    Welcome carlos, thanks for getting connected to me through my page..

  24. i very much liked the part with the cactus and giving it freedom to breathe in all its green glory...speaks to me...really does...feel related to the cactus...somehow...

  25. Brought tears to my eyes... that third time is beautiful. I identified with the words all the way through. Thank you!

  26. Excellent use of cactus as metaphor, indeed. Feeling of how to adjust without losing parts of self (snipped string). Also, cool Haikus, calm.

  27. Powerful word "meld," and enjoyed reading how you use it in various stanzas.. Really like your haiku's too! Cheers

  28. I especially like the haiku. Thanks for sharing your poems.

  29. The poem was fantastic, Ramesh! Live and let live - I think you have beautifully described this in your poem.. the metaphors were simply awesome!! The Haikus on "meld" were really very sweet and almost melodious..
    And the one on 'instinct' was kinda sad.. but well, that is yet another truth of many a life... well written, my friend!

  30. all are nice, I really like the moon haiku.

  31. Potluck week 12 awards/treats, Enjoy

    Thank you a ton for the lovely contribution!
    Happy Friday!
    See you next time!