Monday, May 17, 2010


Words give meanings
Meanings confuse
Confusion disturbs mind
Mind disturbs other minds
And those others seek explanations
For explanations one needs
More words…thus
More meanings
And the confusion stays constant
Clarity of reality blurs
And when one tries to create
Reality out of blurred images
Illusions hang on the windows
Like curtains trembling in the wind
And one hopes that from
Whatever little gap
Wisdom beams may penetrate
Into mind’s eye
Offering vision for transparent clarity
Reality will then be understood
Without words..
And I wonder, if that happens
What would the poet in me do
Snubbing my voice
A stranger in me shouts…
Let vibrations communicate
Intense feelings, before words kill
But the stubborn me
How can I accept
We all know the words give meanings….
Hey, Don't they?


  1. "Illusions hang on the windows
    Like curtains trembling in the wind"

    Beautifully turned Ramesh ji. A feeling I know well. Words that refuse to obey orders. Given the chance, though, they usually order themselves.

  2. I understand and agree with that so well!!

  3. I think all words don't create confusion or disturbance.

    It depends on the state of mind.

    Words from Buddha communicate silence.

  4. Thanks Mojo and Sandra.. for your encouragement.. And Harshad ji, first a thank you because as always I find you there.. no, words don't create confusion, I agree's the different meanings based on conveniences that create confusion..

  5. I think words do add to the confusion at times and sometimes the more words the more confusion. Nicely written poem!

  6. Hello Ramesh:)

    Well crafted poem with amazing wisdom. The word pictures you have created are fantastic.

    We have to be careful with words. They are very powerful, in fact more powerful than a sword. A sword mark will heal but wrong use of words will leave a scar for ever. I suppose this is the reason why God has given us one mouth and two ears so that we can talk less and listen more. But invariably most of us do the opposite.

    Best wishes:)

  7. Hi Ramesh;

    A beautiful loop poem i thought for the first few lines, but then its not! I continued to read and realized that loop poem or not, it's a beautiful poem!

    before thoughts should leave us, pen it down, lest it will be forgotten!

    nice one Ramesh!

  8. Thank you, Joseph, Patti and Amity for your comments. Let me confess Amity, this poem just happened in one go, words flowed and before I could realise, it was over and I simply put it there.. You guessed it right..

  9. NIce specially the last couple of lines

  10. "It's only words and words are all I have..." yes words gives meanings they are most clear and concise because it is not always easy to read the sign languages.

  11. Thanks Rajat and Megaha for your visit and nice comments..

  12. Well written...nice execution of prompt..


  13. Hello Geeta, Thanks for the visit.. keep visiting and inspiring..I will visit too..

  14. "Illusions hang on the windows
    Like curtains trembling in the wind"

    This was wonderful!

  15. I believe poets are also philosophers of the highest level!
    Your poem says it all.

  16. Words..semantics... I could write a thesis on it.. but that would just be a bunch of words... this made me think. Good job.


    Luke @ WordSalad

    (mine are here -

  17. Thought provoking poem. And words definitely have do the way they are interpreted. Another wonderful work!

  18. Very well said about confusions.. I have observed this weird thing. A confused person is so capable of disturbing others too.. Kind of throwing the other one completely off balance..
    Very well written about mindly confusion!!
    Happy Potluck

  19. Fine work on this. You make an important point. I must remember to come back and enjoy it again.

    Thanks, Ramesh.


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