Friday, June 4, 2010

Our Photo of Seventh Standard..

First a special slogan created for Environment Day..

Save Trees

Enduring weathers, brave trees
Yes, life matters , save trees!


Our Photo of Seventh Standard..

A black and white photograph
Slipped out of
My old photo album
From the days when
We didn’t have the luxury of colours..

It was a group photograph
And I spotted myself instantly
Sitting in the corner
Next to a quiet girl who sat cringed
In her unshaped feelings, wondering..
Classmates from seventh standard
Faces glowing and smiling, naturally
Ever so closer, and I became
Nostalgic remembering the
Days of gay abandon
No layers of meanness in between,
Yes, those were the times of teams
And groups which prayed, ate and
Stayed together
Today, I crave for same camaraderie
Oh, it remains illusive
Group photographs
Standing and sitting together
Have become rarer
For the inflated egos
Choose to stand apart
And if incidentally the shoulders
Get rubbed and someone wants to click
Smile too gets inflated like egos
The only real thing that
Comes out is the color
And the paper of the photograph..

But then our photo of Seventh Standard
Exuded truth of a pure, unadulterated
And egoless world, which is almost extinct
Perhaps we need to start
Celebrating an
‘Inner Environment Day’



  1. Trees- the real selfless givers on earth.. pity man wants to kill them.

    I still don't like AC and Heaters.. I like the breeze which touches my soul hot or cold.

    Inner Environment Day- I am so glad to have read this beautiful poem. Filled with sanity and nostalgic emotions. Thanks for sharing such a lovely thought.

  2. How true..... standing together is so rare these days... I do see it at some places ... but it is more than affinity it is to make the one standing out feel that he lacks some particular trait.... it is more like the gathering of the dirt particles by a detergent ...out of repulsion for a water... instead of attraction for each other..... they use it like a shield against the rest.

    And I absolutely loved the idea of Inner Environment Day.... we must maintain the greens outside and also within .... the greens of compassion, softness, care, humility..that make life bearable, like the shade of a tree in hot sun


  3. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Morning!
    I am really sorry for making the delay in visiting your wonderful thoughts!I enjoyed reading your post.
    Yes,the depth of sinceriti,meaning of relations,innocent smiles,understanding beyond words-they are the total sum of school days!
    Janab,woh ladki ko dekha toh kaisa lagtha hain......?:)
    Trees,birds,animals,flowers.........plant one tree and do good to the future generation!
    Wishing you a beautiful eco friendly day,

  4. Purity of environment & purity of childhood innocence so well linked.

  5. let´s celebrate that....wonderful metaphor!

  6. beautiful celebration poem,
    thanks for the lovely contribution ...

    your poetry rocks.

    keep sharing!


  7. You paint such lovely sentiments! I enjoy black and white photographs the best :)

    Enjoy the rally!

  8. childhood innocence ... nostalgia ... so beautiful

  9. 'Inner Environment Day’
    The best rally there could be!
    This is beautiful... :)

  10. For those with tender thoughts of childhood, photos bring memories to cherish; for those who do not, they bring unwelcome reminders. Thank you for sparking thoughts.

  11. technology eradicates all these lovely memories ramesh.. seems we are never going to go back unless every country promulgates environmental awareness like you just did! my potluck..

  12. Nice quotes about trees and what a poem.. no words Rameshji..

    Someone is Special

  13. so many memories come back with photographs!

    friends that are no longer around, relatives, places.....

    beautiful poem ramesh, splendid.