Sunday, June 27, 2010

OCHRE - OSI Prompt

Added on 29.06.10

Ochre Spilled..

A cluster of dark clouds
Teased and grilled
Oh, dear, dear! Rainbow cried
And lo! Ochre spilled..


Ah! Bodily Desires...

Spirit hovers around
Somewhere afar
Quietly gathering all the dust
Hey, bury the body deep
Under the layers of ochre
Let it not rust..


Original Sunday Post

When I visited the OSI page yesterday night, I got inspired to try writing something not only using 'Ochre' but also all the other prompts from the time I got acquainted with this wonderful source of inspiration..hope you will find it let me know if I succeeded in this effortless endeavor..

An Ounce of Melted Ochre

Wasn’t it me sitting cringed
In a darker corner
Of an
In my own inner space
Created out of imaginary walls
Behind which the light hid

Without giving cognizance
To all that surrrounded me
As I thought of seeking help
From the waxed wings of
To take a flight
From that opening
Where mind was open
Just a little enough
To float through
And reaching out to
A newer dawn, where
Love reigned
I did not find my thoughts
Trembling with fear

No fissures appeared in my resolve
I knew from the core of my heart
That the newer world would be
A Stranger, an
Wearing an invisible mask
For my untouched spirit
That craved to get insulated
Against rust of impurity and ignorance..
Will a coating of
An ounce of melted Ochre be enough

Only if I can know
I would seek God’s soothing hands
For a smooth healing touch
Yes, One thing is certain

God always willingly joins
In any effort being made
To make the spirit spotless

Even if one is vicariously tilted
Towards the world that beckons..



  1. you have made words fit so well!

  2. Thank you for this intensely visual, beautiful poem. That vicarious life--I know it well.

  3. Dear Ramesh,
    Good Evening!
    Beautifully expressed themes!touching lines!Words are too good!
    Wishing you a lovely night,

  4. You did a great job with all those words. Excellent.

  5. good one....yes u indeed succeeded.....n its interesting 2

    loved "For my untouched spirit
    That craved to get insulated
    Against rust of impurity and ignorance..SIMPLY AWESOME WORDS :)

  6. Brilliant! Words that fit so well!

  7. Thats absolutely brilliant and inspiring write up..:) Thanks fr the pleasure

  8. I don't know how you did it, but it makes sense and is lovely, too. Congrats!

  9. I liked the thoughts that came from your compilation. Are you an engineer? That sounds like a project us as engineers might take on. You did really good.

  10. Excellent effort combining the previous themes together. Your poem brought out visual images for me also. Well done.

  11. Thank you, friends, all of you foryour encouraging comments..and your appreciation..enjoyed it a lot..

    @No Jim I am not an Engineer, Thank God life is a little easier.. and trust me it was an effortless grace of God the words got connected..I didn't do much just happened..sometimes effort in things like these spoils..what do you say..

  12. A beautifully written poem! Thanks for sharing!


  13. You did a terrific job of using so many prompt words and producing a delightful piece!

  14. Powerfully written! I love your use of imagery and of course incorporating so many prompt words while maintaining the flow of the piece. Great work!

  15. You did an amazing job with all three, but I loved what you did with the last one. Perfectly written- tht was quite a challenge but you succeeded!

  16. Ochre spill.... captured so well! Wonderful read.

  17. This is my first visit here.
    Will return soon.

  18. Thanks every one for very encouraging comments and liking my post..

    @Mr. Chowla.. I am happy to find you here on this page.. Thanks a lot.. hope you found your first visit interesting.. Thanks.. how do I reach your page.. tried.. couldn't get there..

  19. Dear Ramesh, you did really very good job with all three, I enjoyed it :)
    Marinela x

  20. Ramesh, beautiful poetry. So creative. I love them all


  21. I went through your OSI prompts and then I read Ochre again... and it is a wonderful way of words reflecting words.

  22. you have expressed well the cornering of one's mind and the subtle battle to conquer the existing unknowns into the arms of one of can even as we turn backward seeking that darkness where we just came from.. why just the other day i acknowledge this same experience... you have touched an emotion we all know....

  23. ochre spilled was a fun read!

  24. I like ' Bodily Desire' - it sounds like a neverending thought, that the spirit lives on even if the body doesn't