Friday, June 11, 2010


To win him over for a while
I gave him a big false smile
My smile faded as I realized, alas!
My whole being had become false.

Here's sharing my thoughts that prompted the above lines:

It all starts perhaps when we enter into adolescence leaving behind a pure and pious childhood. We start understanding and differentiating between important, lesser important and absolutely unimportant people in our lives. And we are told, by our elders that always be in good books of important people. So at that age as told by our elders we try to keep some of other important elders happy. Whenever we meet any such people, we try to give a feeling that they are liked , admired and respected too. We compromise on our own standards. Sometimes we don’t say what exactly we feel. We exchange false smiles which do not have their roots in our heart or soul but stem from the mind. And it becomes a habit as the years pass-by. We slowly succeed in growing a mask over our faces so that none can recognize our true-self. Thicker the mask, the bigger is the smile on face. Trouble is that the gesture remains the same even when one stands in front of the mirror.


The Footprints of Illusion..

Very serene and quiet
Green spread all around
And I felt thirsty,
Eyes wandered
Couldn’t find a drop of water

That’s when from the other side
Of my mind, desert called out
With eyes gleaming in hope
I blindly followed
The footprints of an illusion..


  1. yes, you are right. I got used to being polite all the time that even when I don't feel happy around someone, I feel this need not to be rude, but I suppose it's almost the same with ourselves but then again it's not easy to hide from ourselves

  2. truly said...but if we don't there would be more troubles perhaps...growing a mask is not a problem...problem is that the mask should not hurt people including ourselves!

  3. definitely footprints of an illusion.. but I don't follow them. My face displays my emotions, the true one I fail in putting up a facade. I find myself in trouble a lot many times because of this but I simply refuse to give up.
    I believe "Goodness is something that should be imbibed in you rather than an act for you; for you may be the best actor of goodwill to the people but you should remember that the real judge are not they whom you are popular with, but it is HE who maintains your scorecard."

  4. I think as long as one is aware of role he is playing, he is OK.

  5. Thank you all of you! You always encourage..